Building Needs New Hope

I will use this to make notes on certain things we need to add into the areas already created. This list is only for those things less obvious like missing placeable, or sound, or NPC movement, etc. A "punch list", if you will of certain missing items that catch the eye when walking around these areas for testing.

  • General Ideas

Looking for a script or scripts that can be used to make the NPCs more lifelike. Looking for a way to have them interact better with their enviromint. For example, I would like to see a smith hammering away on his anvil when I enter his Smithy. A cook working at the oven when I eneter his kitchen, and so on.
JB: You can get a basic effect by marking placeables in the area as 'Interactable' and then setting the interact flag in the NPC spawn in script
Day/Night settings for NPCs must be set via NESS(hopefully)

  • New Hope Exterior
  1. Guards - Guards need to be placed and have set "patrol routes"
  2. ALL NPCs must have day/night settings via NESS(hopefully). No night NPCs are currently placed, just created.
  3. Working sundial
  • Temple of Torin
  1. Maybe a good idea to show NPCs worshiping at the altar
  • Torin - Hospital
  1. Consider remake of injuried people
  2. Need steam effect to be created for tub area
  • The Bog
  1. Need Bartender NPC to be created
  2. Change last room upstairs to a "strong room" with a single lockbox
  • Town Hall
  1. Needs fountain effect on fountain in the grand hall.
  2. Needs patrol routes for hall guards via NESS.
  3. Needs magistrate sign outside magistrate office.
  • Mines
  1. Needs NPC Miners to perform mining actions via scripting.
  2. Needs patrol routes for mine guards via NESS.
  • Monestary
  1. Needs crafting area once crafting is implimented
  2. Needs specialized merchant shop for the dedicated crafts as well as druids/monks/rangers
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