PLACE RP Buildings

This page contains a list of areas in New Hope that are there to make New Hope feel like a real 3-dimensional city. This won't cover all the small inconsequential stuff that happens in cities but there will be just enough to make the PCs believe.

  1. All of these area must conform to ALL of the Cultural discussions on New Hope.
  2. None of these areas should have a significant effect on the economics of the area or on the overarching story line.
  3. Some areas will offer side quests that help the PC gain levels, but don't move them towards the overall 'mission' of the module. Some of these quests may have outcomes that affect the characters alignment. (ie Go carry out an Assassination and get an evil alignment shift)
  4. Some areas will contain scenarios that let the PC manage their alignment (ie making donations to the local orphanage can get the PC a Good alignment shift)
  5. Some areas will contain books or conversations that talk about some of the history of New Hope, its characters, or the overall world of EotS.
  6. Some areas may, initially, appear to have no real purpose except to add 'colour', while other areas might contain two or three different quest hooks or scenarios.


Rab O’Rand’s Home from Home is really just a single room orphanage. Making a donation will allow the PC to change their alignment towards good. Possible quest link to the to the 'street children' / 'Kids in the sewers' where a specific child is sponsored for a place at Rab's.

Mrs Bean's School for New Hope is a single room day school that provides elementary education for the less well off. Making a donation will allow the PC to change their alignment towards good.

The Grammar School consists of four rooms, including a school room and accommodation for the staff. There is a quest that links to The Reading Rooms - and the personal rooms should have items that can be stolen (and change PC alignment towards Chaotic)

The Reading Rooms is a single room club-house for the wealthy/elite. It operates a bit secretive and operates an invitation only membership policy. PCs complete a quest to get an invite. Members 'help' each other out and the club room contains gossip/books that have clues/quests in.

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