Dark Wanderers - Original Spec

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Reknown for their acts of savagery, it is generally held (true or not) that
these five were, in part, responsible for the downfall of the Ancients through their

Note: Each of these characters is another aspect of a theme of self-knowledge,
taken to an extreme. How much a part of the uberplot they come to play is an open
question.They could remain as mythical figures interesting only for their parts in
creating the starting island or they could become prime factors or even adversaries.
Peripherally, each is designed to provide a realm of "dungeon dressings"
particular to each one - a style of their own.They are also specifically designed
so that they may referred to by others (as examples or grotesqueries) and used
elsewhere storywise as desired.

The Beast

We created a fifth one in order to present another quest on the Starting Island (for Druids/Rangers). It was a beast of some sort. It was a mindless monster under the direct control of one of the others - probably the weakest. Need to work on it in the near future.

Drad Elndra, the Shadows' Companion Male Human Rogue/Shadowdancer/Assassin

The self-styled "Left Hand of Darkness", Elndra gave himself over to the
realm of shadow fairly early in his career, eventually to become an assassin of the
highest power. This reportedly gave him stealth and silence abilities of near mythic
power and subtlety. It is even claimed that he could instantly teleport between the
shadows and was impossible to target because of this ability.
It was a favoured method of Elndra, in his assassination, to cause such a
wound, seemingly minor, that would not admit of healing, magical or otherwise, and
that led to slow, painful, and inexorable death. He favoured abdominal wounds in
paricular, wherein the viscera was slightly punctured causing the victim to linger in
agony while rot and pestilence set in.
His dedication to the shadow realms won him many allies and abilities. He
was known to be able to call upon such beings as shadows, dark stalkers and dark
creepers, shadow mastiffs and the like to assist him as he desired.
If a single emotion could be said to epitomize Elndra's desires it would be
fear. He longed to see terror on the faces of his victims. He lived to etch dread and
torment on their souls, to savor their despair and revel in his power to cause it. He
desired, above all else, to reveal the brutal honesty at the heart of all the
refined contivances of the civilized veneer. Some would point out, in grim, unamused
tones, that this was darkly ironic given the man's bright and attractive appearance.
He was fair haired and handsome by all accounts.

Ushrika Agrukt, Devourer of Souls Female Half-Orc Cleric

A raging beast of a sadistic monster, Agrukt was known for performing her
sacrifices to her dark gods by means of feasting on the flesh of the victims. She is
said to have mastered the cruelest of tortures and to have excelled in what she
perceived as the art of prolonging the agony. The victims literally got to witness
themselves being devoured by the priestess, piece by piece in a ritual that could
last days. She placed particular emphasis on body parts understood to have symbolic
import - as is the wont of all cannibals. She sought to complete herself by consuming
the lives, hopes, and flesh of others.
Some suggest, however, that she was far from sufficiently subtle to have
developed such refined methods in her own - so many specualte that she was coached by
the more meticulous, educated and refined Elndra.
But, whatever her own abilities, she was favoured by a dark god and rose to
astounding levels of divine power. Ushrika became a cleric early, desperately seeking
any kind of wholeness and a dark god awaited her. She was a perfect conduit - hollow
herself. Voraciously she ate up the sould of others in the name of her new god, hoping
to fill the emptiness within her, always without success. Then she met Drad Elndra,
who set her on a path of unfathomable distruction and cruelty. She feels some
satisfaction in the desperate terror of her victims, but still suffers the power her
own victims wield over her. She is too dull to understand why she still rages in
frustration at her existence…

Note: Via the divine pact Ushrika shared with her dark god, Ushrika was actually
able to consume their essences/souls and grow stronger for it. As time passed, she
eventually was able to call upon an army of spirits and wraiths that were both the
consumed spirits of her victims and parts of her own self, directly controllable by
her will alone.

Shonet Grimhammer, The Fleshcrafter Female Dwarven Warrior

As is the way of most Dwarves, Shonet favoured the hammer and axe. While a
superior stone and metal crafter, her work was said to have contained such a subtlety
of horror and darkness that her own kin spoke of her works as fettered and bound,
mute with unutterable anguish. What, at first, was seen (uncomfortably) as a
potentially brilliant talent for expressing the fears and struggles of the Dwarven
spirit that could lead to self-understanding eventually came to be understood as the
mere expression of Shonet's malice and contempt for her own people. Unable to bear
the increingly nightmarish visage of Shonet's creations, her elders eventually
forbade her to work stone or metal. This led to an unpleasant parting between Shonet
and her kin who took her name (now lost in the histories) and dubbed her Grimhammer.
In the ensuing struggle, Shonet would lose an eye and thereafter used this deformity
to symbolize the true state of the Dwarven soul as she put it.
As her warrior's career progressed, she particularly delighted in bringing
pain and horror to Dwarven folk of all clans, seeking to make some point that almost
everyone was too frightened and, in Shonet's view, too cowardly and dishonest to face.
Once, she secretly spoke of his desire to remake her people into her own fashion -
as, she put it, they were meant to be. Dwarves captured by her were often released
again horribly disfigured and maimed.
Shonet's kinship with Ushrika was viewed by her kin as proof of her evil
and madness. Shonet disdained their evaluation, claiming instead that the hatred
her kin felt for orcs was their failure to accept their secret admiration for the
brutal honesty and savagery of the orcan kind - a hatred of their own selves. Dwarves
everywhere use her as an example of what terrible wrong can be wrought with and by
the crafting arts.

Tyrzak Malgovrian Male Human/Construct Wizard

Malgovrian was as powerful a master of the arcane arts as any who could be
named, and several who should never be. His evil lie not, as it did in the others,
in the focus on the darker sides of their own personas and peoples, but in the near
absolute disregard for the human condition altogether. With a coldly detached and
mechanistic vantage on every dealing, he is said to have castrated himself to stifle
his own desires. His was a tale of unfathomable power lust - not for his desire to
rule over others (they were as nought to him) but for reasons unknown, and perhaps
In reality, Malgovrian was obsessed beyond sanity with the concept of freedom
- hence his desire to divest himself of his humanity which he saw as bonds. He wished
to determine what he was in himself, without influences of ANY kind. He is controlled
by his own need to be in control, but doesn't understand how his own will is ironically
controling him, and thereby, betraying him.
Note: As his humanity left him and he became increasingly divorced from his own
nature, Malgovrian became more interested in the "futuristic" arts of the Ancients,
especially in their capabilities as artificiers. He cared nothing of undeath (its
evil meaning nothing to him) and eventually sought to become an artifact himself - a
construct and he hoped to extend his purified conciousness across the minds of all
constructs. The ancients reviled his attempts to turn their arts to his ends, and
refused him the knowledge he sought. What followed was a relentless, driven campaign
by Malgovrian to steal the knowledge from them, by whatever means necessary and
heedless of any consequences.

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