Economic Background - Gabilgathol
  • this needs to be revised to account for what ever metals are available in the UOA crafting system

The Dwarves lived a secluded life due the war, and developed a number of interesting ways to process different types of Mushroom. Chief among them is Mushroom Ale a beverage that is becoming known throughout the world as Dwarven Hammer. Until they discovered Lothran, the dwarves supplemented their fungus diet with game hunted close to their entrances. Their main resource is the metals they mine from deep below the earth – and their mines are particularly rich in both Iron and Gold.

Considering this - clothes tended to be leather and metal - and it isn’t unusually to find a dwarf who owns just one leather undershirt but two or three different armours - perhaps a chain shirt for everyday wear, a fancy chain shirt with gold links worked in for ‘church and best’ and a full suit of armour for battle. Not to mention the incredibly array of tools and weapon they produce. Jewellery was almost non existent but was always pure gold.

Since the founding of Lothran and better access to world trade - the economy of the dwarves have developed significantly. While the mushrooms are still the main staple of their diet, it is now supplemented by fish and vegetables from Lothran as well as their own game meat. They also import small amounts of cotton, silk, silver, glass and pottery. Not to mention a few kegs of good ale.

They export some iron and its derivatives – weapons (small but high quality weapons, pole arm heads, arrow and spear tips), armour (it is bulky and they don’t export that much - more likely to export iron studs for studded leather armour) . They also export small amounts of Gold - in the days before the wars started the dwarves used to mint coins for all of the races that needed them – after all there is no other source of gold in the islands. Now they have made a new set of dies that conform to the old standards and are pumping out coin again. And strangely enough Mushroom Ale has become an export, as its dry, mild flavour seems to be acceptable to most palates.

Imports: Vegetables, Fish, Ale, Cotton, (Minor: Silk, Silver, Glass and Pottery)..
Exports: Iron Weapon Parts (arrow heads, pole arm head) Light Weapons (Short sword down), Parts For Armour (Buckles, studs for studded leather), Gold Coins, Mushroom Ale. ?special metals?

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