Economic Background Garthurian
  • this needs to be revised to account for whatever craft materials are available in the UOA crafting system

During the war the elves of Garthurian withdrew into the heart of their woodlands and came to rely even more heavily on the natural resources available in their forested home land.

The elves tend to live off of the land, if taking an animal from the forest they use the whole creature - the meat as food, leather for clothing and armour, sinew for bowstrings and sewing, horn and hoof for handles inlays etc … Wood taken from the forest is rarely in the form of whole trees taken, but branched that can be re-grown without damaging the plant. Their main weapon has traditionally been the long bow carved from the wood of the Xxxxx Tree and strung with the gut. Metal weapons are rare and therefore have been cherished, blades are recycled and any metal were scavenged ruthlessly. The supplemented the game meat with fruits and berries taken from the forest and washed it down with a sweet fruity wine. (Actually it’s a metheglin - brewed from wild honey and a particular mix of berries – but let’s call it a wine: P)

Clothing has traditionally been leather that blends in with their surrounding, but the elves discovered (long ago) the secret of making a fine material called silk from the thread of some of the forest creatures (we can either use some big friendly beetles - or a variety of spider) so Sunday best clothes are often made of brightly coloured silks.

They were keen to open up a trade route with new hope (although they hid that desire well) They are particularly interested in dealing in metals and are keen to buy small metal weapons such as Daggers, short swords and arrow heads. As well as basic tools.

They exports wine (White, red, rose) Brandy, bolts of brightly coloured silk, and high quality longbows.

To some extent, the elves need glass ware and pottery, the same as everyone else, but they are also interested in gemstones and jewellery from the gnomes.

However, their lifestyle hasn’t really changed all that much - just become much easier.

Imports: Metal weapons and tools (minor imports Glass, pottery, gemstones, jewellery)
Exports: Wine, Brandy, Silk, Long Bows.

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