Economic Background Syn Gond
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During the war the people of Syn Gond suffered badly. Although famed for their gem mines, Rock Gnomes are much more surface oriented than the Dwarves are - But they were pushed back and pushed back until they were almost completely living underground, and even then they were only just holding their own. Those gnomes who who do enjoy the underdark, the Svirfneblin were also struggling and were forced out of their own home by the combined might of the Duergar and the new underground elves, the Drow. They were forced to give ground and the Svirfneblin fought a rear guard action - Packing up their belongings their women and children withdrew, carrying whatever they could, followed by a solid wall of their fighting gnomes. The retreat was rapid at first, but slowed as they got closer and closer to the surface. Eventually the folk of the Svirfneblin bumped into the Folf of the Rock gnomes – and they couldn’t go any further. However, the combined force of both sets of gnomes gave them enough strength to build barriers and hold the ground. So the uncomfortable alliance between the rock Gnomes and Svirfneblin at Syn Gond was born.

Synd Gond was initially a mine - not home to either group of gnomes - so they had to carve out a newhome for them selves - consequently Syn Gond is fort like, more basic and less elaborate than the dwarven home at Gabilgathol.

Now Syn Gond is split into two halves - in the lower section the Svirfneblin mine silver and what other metals they can find, while the rock gnomes mine gemstones closer to the surface. The Rock gnomes also maufacture Glass from the sand at the bottom of the river and Pottery from nearby clay deposits – although the raw materials are always collected under heavily armed guard. They also grow a few crops and Chickens and keep a few milk cows in a small but isolated valley accessed via a spur from their mine.

While food hasn’t really been an issue for the Gnomes of Syn Gond - Just about everything else has been a challenge. Heavily armed groups of gnomes hunted game and bought back the whole carcass, so that they can use the skins for leather, the meat for food and the even the bones could be boiled up for stock. Armour and weapons have always been a bit of a problem - and the Gnomes tend to use studded leather armour and use light cross bows as weapons - often with silver tipped bolts (which incidentally proved useful against the undead that hang around in these parts)

Exports: Silver, Gem Stones
Main Imports: Fish (Glisten Creek) Cotton (Lothran)
Minor Imports Silk (Garthurian), Iron (Gabiligathol) Pottery, Glass (Glisten Creek), Leather (New Hope)

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