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Booze around the world!
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New Hope struggles. However, it produces a full range of drinks from its abundant supply of berries. May Ale, May Wine and May Liquor.

Garthurian is the only place grows grapes. They export red wine, white wine, rose wine and double distilled brandy. The Elves do make red and white wine from single grapes - but most common is the Rose wine which is a blend of all three grapes. Thr grape leavings are re-fermented and added to rose wine to be distilled to make Brandy.

Syn Gond. The gnomes brew an ale from mushroom flavoured with a moss that grows in their caverns known as Moss Ale.

Gabilgathol – the dwarves make a straight ale from the mushrooms that grow in their caverns, known as Dwarven Hammer.

Lothran. Lots of place to grow grains here, and lothran produces two different beers, made from Barley and Beer. The barley beer is distilled once to make Barley wine and triple disteilled it makes Lothran Whiskey. Wheat ear is the most common beer by far.

Glisten Creek – Lots of apple trees around here and the people of Glisten Creek make hard cider. Distilled once it makes a superb mix known as Apple wine and triple distilled it makes Apple Jack.

These drinks are in order of price in New Hope (cheapest first) (+x) = relative price (+0) = Normal price

Beers And Ales

May Ale (New Hope) (A fruity ale, with a spicy overtone) (+0)
Cider (Glisten Creek) (apple flavoured, light, clear) (+1)
Wheat Ear (Lothran) (Light dry beer)(+1)
Moss Ale (Syn Gond) (A dark ale with a tang) (+2)
Dwarven Hammer (Gabilgathol) (A dark, smooth beer)(+2)
Old Barley (Lothren) (a strong rich taste) (+3)


May Wine (New Hope) (sweet, light red wine with a spicy tang) (it needs honey to make and honey is rare) (+0)
Rose Wine (Garthurian) (Medium wine, with a limited bouquet) (+1)
White Wine (Garthurian) (dry white, slightly green, wine)(+1)
Red Wine (Garthurian) (heavy fruity red wine)(+1)
Apple Wine (Glisten Creek) (a crisp white wine that tastes of apples) (+2)
Barley Wine (Lothran) (+3)


May Liquor (a tangy, fruity liquor - not quite as strong as the other Spirits)(+0)
Brandy (+1)
Applejack (Think of a rough version of calvados)(+2)

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