Economic Background - New Hope


Food – the New Hope farms grows just enough corn to make bread, and grow a a number of vegetables to supplement the diet, primarily potato, sweet potato, and some sugar cane. A few turnips and radishes are also grown. Gatherers fetch in wild fruit, nuts, berries and mushrooms to complement the few veggies grown in the farms. Fishermen provide the main source of food with game meat a close second. Other foods and vegetables must be imported. So a cheap meal at an inn would consist of a Fish stew with a flat bread, or a meat wrap. An average meal might have a venison steak, a small flat bread with a stewed vegetables or a handful of berries. More expensive meals will include a larger range of vegetables. See this page

Might want to include colonies of nesting seabirds - so low level PCs can raid their eggs / look for feathers.

Buildings are generally Stone with slate/stone roof

Drink – Berry Ale is the drink of preference, while local berries can also be turned into a fairly palatable ‘country wine’. They even make a liquor from the berries that grow like weeds around the area. See this page

Household goods are generally made out of low quality metal, wood, leather or straw. You will find wooden or metal platters cups and bowls, baskets, rugs and sun hats etc are woven from Sorghum fibres. Leather bags, baskets made from stiffened leather strips, maybe an ‘animal skin’ rug.
Houses are generally made and finished in stone. There is lots of stone on the mountain and it is the natural building material.

Arms and armour – Most people are ‘under arms’ in one way or another. Most citizens will own at least a club and a small shield, many of them will have a sling and a supply of bullets as well. Weapons such as daggers, spears, and hand-axes are also fairly common, as is leather armour – mainly because they are fairly cheap. Most (basic) metal armours and weapons are available, but they can be expensive, and will be only be available to wealthier people.

Clothing is often made of leather and some people wear a basic suit of leather armour on a daily basis, but then, many of them are hunters and woodsmen, who make their living in dangerous areas. There are straw hats and imported cotton shirts but even most of the ‘everyday’ clothing is made from soft tanned leather..

The 'Average' Citizen

The Resident who hasn’t yet achieved citizenship status would live in shared accommodation, perhaps at ‘the bog’ where they might get sliced cold meat orn a small bowl of porridge/grits for breakfast. They are expected to find their own lunch but can expect a steaming hot bowl of fish stew with a flat bread for dinner. They will probably drink berry ale with their meal. Their food and drink will be served in wooden bowls and cups and they will use a metal spoon and dagger to cut and eat with. In their rooms will be wooden bunk beds, the mattress with be a leather sack stuffed with straw and the cover is likely to be a quilt (imported) cotton outer stuffed with a thin layer of animal hair or feathers. They will be dressed in soft leather clothing, but may well have a fibre hat to keep the sun off if they are working outdoors. Farmers and gatherers will have leather baskets to gather their produce in (perhaps using their eating knife as a harvesting tool. Hunters and some gatherers would have leather sacks to carry game and miners would probably have a really heavy duty leather sack for carrying ore.

The Citizen won’t have much better gear, although they will probably have slightly better equipment and possibly more of it. In the Citizen’s room you will find the same sort of foodstuffs as the resident eats, similar eating utensils plus a few metal cooking pots and wooden utensils. The beds might have an animal skin on for extra warmth and a thicker mattress. Hanging on the wall you will probably see the Shield and club that gives him his ‘citizen’ status, although in wealthier houses that might be replaced by crossed spears or a hand axe and a suit of leather armour. Hunters and woodsmen will almost certainly have a well worn suit of leather armour along with a short bow or a hefty axe as the tools of their trade.

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