New Hope
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  • Government : Elected Monarchy
  • Population : 85% Human ; 15% Mixed - Elves, Half-Elves, Dwarves, Halflings(Mostly transplants from shipwrecks)

General Description

New Hope is an ancient city just recently renovated by the growing need of the rural peoples to find a secure place to live. Aley,the elected leader, along with his personell assistant Trachen and Lord Kross(Old Order Knight) are responsible for the rebuilding of New Hope and the influx of the people. Aley gave the people a vision and reason to rebuild the city after the recent(the last twenty years) attacks from various humanoid factions that would do the people harm.

Since the renovations began the residents here have uncovered many things from the ancient civilization that once lived here. Much of the ancient city which now lay buried beneath the surface has been blocked by the city government to the regulars in town. No access unless authorized by Aley himself. A mine just outside of town provides most of the people work. Those that aren’t miners are skilled in other various trades, hunters, fishermen, and/or farmers(nearby just outside the walls of the city).


  • Scribe Shop - Run by one of the local scribes, Elriewien a female elf, this shop contains much of your basic scribe making materials as well as some low level scrolls for PC to purchase.
  • Pawn Shop - A place to sell “less than adequate” items. Some odd items needed for crafting and some class specific items should be available here. Run by Jemester, a Halfling thief.
  • General Store - Basics can be found here. Rations, clothing, camping gear as well as the occasional potion for the PC. Run by Alissa, the old maiden of the town. She is also known for her rumors of current news of the goings on in and around the town.
  • City Investment & Savings - Asharis, an older human male runs the bank in the town.
  • Blacksmith’s Shop – Run by one of the local crafters belonging to the merchants guild. Sell all normal weapons and armor. Dornif, the male dwarf, is the shopkeeper.
  • Outdoor Market – A place to buy and sell goods in the agriculture trade. Run by Boriuna, a human woman of middle age. (Possibly the place to purchase crafting items and materials as well.

Taverns / Inns

  • The Bog - A dark place with a certain odor about it. This is a place that will hold an area of rest for the PC (must pay a small fee) and also contain a few customers within that may or may not provide pc quests. This place also houses many of the miners in town who cannot afford their own housing.(Most do not)
  • Footprints of Stone - Run by the infamous bartender Mockethand , this grand tavern is where most of the adventurers dwell. They will finds good meals, good sleeping quarters (perhaps permanent rooms should the new game engine allow them), and most importantly some high level NPCs which will act as guides and tools for the DMs to run events through. When DMs aren’t present they may just be a source of valuable information and rumors.

Points of Interest

  • City Hall - This center point of the city. Aley , a middle-aged human man and leader , can be found here along with Trachen, a male Half-Elf, who is in charge of the town guard as well as handing out various quests to the players. Finally, on occasion the players may run across Lord Kross, in this location. He is the leader of the Old Order Knights and will not speak to anyone other than Aley himself. The two of them seem to have formed a bond and a partnership that no one, including Trachen , truly understands.
  • Temple of Torin – This is the town sanctuary (Church). With the absence of actually place of worship the inhabitants decided to rectify this structure as a place where people of all faiths could come and be at peace. It has a library, guest quarters, a Cleric’s meeting place (possible guild) and even an infirmary (located in the basement level). The leader of this temple is a human male named Nathan.
  • Guilds?? - To guild or not to guild. That is the question…..


Food & Drink

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  • Meats-

Cultivated Meats - Cows and Chickens

Hunted – Deer, Rabbit , Boar(rare)

Fish- Various Sea Fish(Sea Bass, Flounder?)

  • Plants -

Cultivated Plants- Corn , Wheat , Oats , Apples , Spices , (Various Vegetables?)

Gathered Plants – Blackberries , Blueberries , Rasberries

  • Drinks - Various Ciders , Ale , Corn Whiskey


  • Everday - Mostly Leather but some Cotton and Wool(imported)
  • Best - Fancy buttons of semi-precious gems(from mines?)


  • All Copper armors(Copper from mines)
  • Leather


  • Farming Tools
  • Blacksmithing Tools
  • Tailoring Tools
  • Fletching Tools




  • Rented rooms available.


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