G-NPC The Corwen Clan


Strengths: Corwens do hang together as a family and protect and help each other. Cowens can be very protective and tend to make pretty good policemen. They work together to ensure they have patriarchal representation
Weaknesses: The Corwens are not particularly imaginative. They do all the right things but there is no vision behind their behaviour. Consequently family effort is fragmented
Opportunities: There are always opportunities for Corwen’s in the town watch. They see Calis Corwen, as their biggest opportunity for ages.
Threats: the reading Rooms. The Corwens aren’t too sure about what the reading rooms are- but they feel that their Patrician future might be at risk if the Reading Rooms become too powerful.


Because the Corwens haven’t really identified any strong opportunities – family energy is spread around - there are miners, fisher/traders, Inland traders (to garthurian). Their main family interests are in overland trade to garthurian, Boat-borne trade/fishing – and the city watch. Basic, boring, low return stuff.

Known Corwens

Potential Corwens

  • Master of the 2nd Company of the Watch {Corwen}
  • Master of the Corwen Militia Brigade {Corwen}
  • Master of the Glisten Creek Watch {Corwen} (Consider this one in light of Glisten Creek developments)

Other Corwen possibles

  • Caravan master (Caravan 1)
  • caravan Master 2
  • Boat master (Boat 1) Fishing/trade
  • Boat master (Boat 2) Fishing Trade
  • Boat master (Boat 3 ) Fishing
  • House Master (Runs the Corwen household)
  • Field Master (Runs the Corwen farm, huntsmen and other outside employees.

Citizen level posts

  • Caravan workers
  • Fishermen/sailors
  • Domestic servants
  • Farm workers
  • Hunter/trappers
  • Miners
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