G-NPC The O'Barant Family


Strengths: A Family who has benefited from visionary members. They have done a good job of running the city so far – and are trusted by the people. They control the money supply in new Hope (they have control of the bank and the city treasury)
Weaknesses: Some people see them as too controlling - all the ‘good’ jobs are in the family.
Opportunities: Glisten Creek is their recent expedition. They are also looking for other areas to expand into.
Threats: The threat of the Corwens seems to be receding – although there is always the threat that they will lose their patrician status.


Big in politics, control the flow of money, put concerted effort into projects to ensure a sound footing. Prepared to venture into new areas. Currently looking for a site that might prove to be another 'Glisten Creek'

Known O’Barants

  • Patriarch Ally O'Barant (mayor){O'Barant}
  • Patriarch Trachen O'Barant (Civil Legate){O'Barant}
  • Patriarch Ashaeris O'Barant (runs the bank){O'Barant}
  • Patriarch Geroywn O'Barant (Governor of Glisten Creek) {O'Barant} (rethink this one maybe)

Potential O’Barants

  • Mine Master : {O'Barant?}
  • Housing Master: (F)(?Argenta from the NPC list - town hall section?) {O'Barant?}
  • Finance Master : (? Marcus from the NPC list - town hall section?) {O'Barant?}
  • Master of the 1st Company of the Watch {O'Barant}
  • Master of The O'Barant Militia Brigade {O'Barant}

Other O’Barant possibles

  • House Master (Runs the O’Barant household)
  • Field Master (Runs the O’Barant Farm, huntsmen and other outside employees.
  • Boat master (running the boat that is looking for a new 'Glisten Creek')
  • Boat master - trading between Glisten Creek and New Hope

Need to think of a few more.

Citizen level posts

  • Domestic servants
  • Farm workers
  • Hunter/trappers
  • Miners
  • others?
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