G-NPC - Reading Room


Strengths: Like minded group of individuals - mutual support/respect

Weaknesses: no strong leadership – many strands of thought

Opportunities: - none really

Threats: None really


The Reading room is both a place and the group of people who meet there. For details of the place see This Page. The people all share a few common interests.

  1. They want to make sure that the democratic systems work – and that not all the political positions are swept up by either Corwen’s or O’Barants. They don’t really have anything against either family - just they want to make sure that someone looks out for their interests. There isn’t any ‘big political plan’ – and indeed many members have their own (and different) views on how the city should be run. However, they are united in the view that government needs more than O’Barants and Corwens.
  2. The Reading Room is a mutual interest society - they help each other out - if one member needs a ‘bit of help’ (to progress to master level, to get elected, to set up a business) the others try to rally round. However, it is generally support and advice, with only limited amounts of physical or financial assistant. This includes
  3. The reading room is generally reserved to successful (or potentially successful) people. They tend to be fairly dynamic and successful (one way or another) Most have ‘views’ on how things should be run. They like to meet with the same sort of people - so they restrict membership to people that meet their criteria (Successful (or potentially so) - have some ideas – and well mannered enough that they won’t disrupt the atmosphere)

See reading-room-membership for a more detailed description of membership criteria.

Known members

Senior Members

Peter Umberta
Fortuna Longeye
Glone Hammerhand
Master Robert McQuin (from the Grammar school)

Junior Members

Sally McQuinfrom the Grammar School
Elriewien Longeye from the Arcane Shop.

Potential members


Other possible members


Citizen level posts


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