G-NPC - Rogues Alliance

The nearest thing that New Hope has to a thief’s guild. At one level. it is little more than an ‘understanding’ between Jemester from the Pawn Shop, Boriuna Majent the Market Master and Delingus bucktooth from The Den – to work together and to ‘not step of each others toes’. Between them they supply drugs, strong drink, poisons, traps and thieves tools, as well as fencing/smuggling, gambling and prostitution facilities.

The Pawn Shop – Jemester’s relationship with the Halfling-Gypsies is the main smuggling route in and out of the city. As a shop selling second hand items, he has the ideal shop counter to sell ‘unusual’ stuff without too much suspicion.

Boriuna the Market Master - Boriuna works for the Government and gets ‘inside information’ when there is going to be crackdowns etc. She also sells traps and thieves tools on the market

The Den – is an underground (literally) bar/club. You can drink, gamble, or meet a prostitute, Once you are ‘known’ you can also buy illegal drinks, drugs or poisons under the counter.

Strengths: - Between them they cover all of the things that rogues might need. Their products are always in demand.
Weaknesses: - They don’t have a strong central leader. Rely on ‘secrecy’ word of mouth. Don’t have strong ‘plans’ - they just ‘bumble along’
Opportunities: - Always on the look out for a new drug or a new supplier for an old one.
Threats: - The Government deciding to crack down on them. New people trying to move into their territory.

Known members

  • Market Master Boriuna Majent
  • Master Jemester the Halfling (Pawn Shop)
  • Delingus Bucktooth (The Den)
  • Pishnak Bucktooth

Potential members

  • Judy the Prostitute
  • Helen the Prostitute
  • ?

Other possible members

  • Other staff at The Den?
  • Other staff at The Pawn Shop?
  • ?

Citizen level posts

  • ?
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