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  • Government : Hereditary Monarchy
  • Population : 75% Wood Elf, 24% Moon Elf

General Description

Also known as the “Hidden Realm” or "Fenced Realm” in elf speak. Home to the elves of this land. A beautiful place nestled deep inside the forests. Untouched by friend and foe alike for generations until recently. Ancient buildings are abound but the "nomadic" traits of these elves are apparent (tents, etc) because of their small numbers.

  • Post-War History

After the Great War, Belendethis, young son to the fallen king, Llariun, promised he would see his people rebuild. With only 500 or so survivors of the Great War it took years to rebuild Garthurian and it would never be restored to its former glory. Belendethis, now aware of the enemies that roam the world prepared defenses in and around Garthurian to protect his people. Suspect of all other races of the world Gathurian falls into seclusion. Years after returning home the Elves encountered a small band of Humans for the first time since the war. Belendethis eventually proclaims that these humans as Harans (Kings of their kind) and provides them safe haven. The humans, who now call themselves the “Old Order Knights” after speaking with some of the local elves, use Garthurian as a place of refuge but are constantly on the move returning here from time to time. When the city of New Hope had begun to repopulate the Harans sent word to Belemdethis and encouraged him to engage the rebuilding city in dialogue and trade. Reluctantly, Belendethis agreed and now Garthurian and New Hope share some simple trade routes between the two settlements. It was believed that these intial talks were mediated by Lord Kross(leader of the Knights).

  • Basic Economy

Imports: Metal weapons and tools (minor imports Glass, pottery, gemstones, jewellery)
Exports: Elven Mist (Wine), Silk, Long Bows.


Taverns / Inns

Points of Interest


Food & Drink

  • Meats

Cultivated Meats - None

Hunted – forest game

Fish- none

  • Plants -

Cultivated Plants- None

Gathered Plants – various

  • Drinks - wines, brandy


  • Everday - Leather =- possibly leather armour - blens in with the forest background
  • Best - Brightly coloured silks






mainly the longbow supportyed by minor weapons. You are most likely to find the elves waiting behind an imrovised barricade - firing volley after volley of arrows.


Some Building - ornate tents - semi-nomadic


Imports: Metal weapons and tools (minor imports Glass, pottery, gemstones, jewellery)
Exports: Wines, brandy, Silk, Long Bows.

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