Glistencreek Vale

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  • Government : Colonial Goverment (from New Hope). Geroywn O'Barant from the ruling house in New Hope is Governor. He is a human male of middle age.
  • Population : Mixed (80% Human, 10% Gnome, 10% otherraces)

General Description

This small community tucked away along the shores of GlistenCreek has only been around for about 30 years. They are a group of colonists from the New Hope area, under the leadership of Goerowyn O'Barant. This beautiful valley is a wonder to the eye. Glistening in the sunlight the creek-bed is teaming with rare finds such as brighly coloured fish, beatiful white sand and the occasional gemstone, etc.

It started off as a small trading post and has developed into a thriving village in its own right.

  • Recent History

The leaders of New Hope had seen the success of the settlement at Lothran and decided to follow that same route. Consequently Gerowyn was equipped with a couple of boats (purchased from Lothran using a mixture of bank loans and city money) and was commanded to explore and find a suitable place for a settlement. When they came to this island, the smooth white beaches and lush vegetation struck a chord in their hearts and they decided to explore more fully. They made their way north and west following the creek until they happen upon a beautiful valley. The waters here in this valley glistened in the afternoon sunlight. They instantly fell in love with this place.

Taking advantage of their surroundings they are quick to build makeshift homes. While building, one of the young men following a path on the outskirts of the settlement finds a deposit of minerals near the side of a cliff. “What a find!”, he was told by the others. As they inspected the cliff side the noticed strange markings covering one particular area. One of the others recognized it as a form of Gnomish and was able to decipher it somehow. ” With two gemstones split into three, all the world will be known to thee” So the group gather a few gemstones they had found near the mineral deposit and split them near the markings in the cliff. With that the cliff side began to rumble and a strange mystical face appeared in an opening to what seemed to be a cave. How dare thee enter here! The group, now frightened, began to retreat from the cliff side. But behind the shadow of this mystical face came a distant light and additional voices. Within seconds a small dark-skinned creature lay before them, a gnome of Syn Gond.

Hesitant at first the gnome extended his hand to welcome the group. Within a few hours the settlers of Glistencreek Vale had made new friends and met their new neighbors. This new friendship would open new advenues for both settler and gnome as they work well together. The settlers, happy to farm trade food with the gnomes who are more than happy to share the glittering stones within their mines. Only a few nights after the discovery of the gnomes and their hidden village did the new settlement of “GlistenCreek Vale” the night “raids” began. Undead beings from the western lands( Mountains to the NW and the Marshlands to the SW ).Undead beings from the western lands( Mountains to the NW and the Marshlands to the SW ) begin to terrorize the settlement’s inhabitants. It is not long before these terrorizing raids become more than just to frighten the people. They start to literally “Raid” its populous. At first, one person every other night would vanish, and then the numbers grew until the townsfolk were so frightened they gathered in one place in large numbers to defend themselves. On that night they did battle with the living dead. Many were killed, no townsfolk were taken however. This seemed to lessen the frequency of the raids but they still occur to this day(night).

The village now acts as a manufacturing and trade centre. It uses the fine sand from the creek bed to make glass, while the thick clay from the surrounding areas makes superb pottery. It cultivates enougn food to feed itself, witha small excess that it can trade locally with Syn Gond. It also acts a trans-shipping point for the Cloth and Iron that Syn Gond buys (it pays for them with Gem Stones and Silver)


Taverns / Inns

Points of Interest


Food & Drink

  • Meats-

Cultivated Meats -


Fish- Lots

  • Plants -

Cultivated Plants- Apples, onions, carrots, peas?

Gathered Plants – Apples

  • Drinks - Cider, Apple Wine, Applejack


  • Everday -
  • Best -






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