Hill Goblins

The Goblins belong to Ushrika Agrukt, the half-orc servant of Tyrzak Malgovrian. When the wanderers first cam e here, it fell to Ushrika to dominate the orken folk – and one of her earliest groups of followers were the Hill Goblins.

Like all goblins they tend to live in smallish groups lead by chieftains, raiding each other frequently, but occasionally collaborating on larger raids against - just about anyone worth attacking. However, rarely do these alliances last, they tend to break up as the goblins retreat, trying to split the loot between them.

Ushrika, however, put the fear of Ushrika into the goblins. Strong enough and powerful enough she could pluck the bands leaders from the middle of their stronghold and teach those who did not do her bidding the meaning of pain and despondency. After a few visits, and a few replacement chieftains, even the most recalcitrant Hill goblin tribe came to obey Ushrika. Not to do so invited a painful death.

Then she started to teach them about Tyrzak Malgovrian, training shaman in the right prayers and ceremonies and bringing power to them. Now each tribe has its chieftain and its shaman ‘advisor’ - an advisor who knows how to send messages to the servants of the living god, Tyrzak Malgovrian. A shaman who can bring the power of Ushrika to the goblin caves at the merest whim …

Ushrika rarely needs to visit the goblins now, she KNOWS what is happening in their caves and tunnels.

Since the end of the war, the tribes, have started raiding each other again, and the shaman allow this so long as the raiding is light, and so long as the various tribes come together to protect each other in times of need.

Goblins live on the borderline between the surface and the underworld - you will occasionally find them in the open, hunting for food and other resources, but mainly they stick to their caves and tunnel complexes.

Above ground Goblins will generally be hunting. They need game both for food and for the leather and other resources the creatures provide, and they need wood for fires, weapon hafts and bows.

Underground Goblins are miners. They know how to spot the seams of ore and mineral outcrops and they know how to work the stone to extract the most of those ores or minerals. However they aren’t the strongest of the underworld creatures, and find hauling the waste and ore about to be difficult and time consuming. Indeed most Hill Goblin tribes keep a few Cave Ogres about to act as porters and carriers for them.

Goblins are not the best technicians - they have a basic smelting process and can make simple metal tools and objects (They can make blunt weapons OK but are not really good at making sharps)- but much of the ore they trade with other humanoid groups for metals, food, slaves, precious stones - and to buy themselves peace.

Hill Goblins don’t (particularly) differentiate between males and females - both work in the mines, go on hunting expeditions, and serve in the guards.

Goblin Tribal Caves
There will be an inner cave for the Tribal Chieftain – this will normally house a small number of ‘elite’ body guards who perform the role of lover/advisor/battle-brother etc for the chieftain. It houses most of the tribes wealth and all the decent bits and pieces.

Holy Cave - a smaller cave with an altar dedicated to Tyrzak Malgovrian – it is home to the tribal shaman and his acolytes. The Shaman will be almost as well equipped as the chieftain himself - although his acolytes will have little better protection than the average goblin

Tribal cave - this is where everything else happens - one big area where the rest of the tribe eat, sleep and work. There will be a cooking area and another area for smelting ore. There will also be an area where ore is piled up ready for trade with other groups.

Somewhere close underground will be a cave with water and another cave where fungi grow.

Lifestyle -

Food is a mixture of meats and mushrooms - the good meat is roasted, the rest of the carcass stewed with mushroom – to make a soup/stew. Leaders get lots of meat, as you go down the pecking order - the lowest get a bowl of stew.

Think cave man - Simple tools and technology - wooden food bowls and spoons - Knives (but no larger blades) animal skins for bedding

Goblins sit around their cave doing their ‘jobs’ some might be smelting, others might be cooking, making bows or arrows, making leather or making simple metal goods from softer metals (bronze age-ish)

Goblin Possessions

Most Goblins wear studded leather armor (they can make the studs and cure the leather them selves)

Miner Goblins will be armed with a type of light hammer (or mace), that is used (with a chisel) in their mining operations and, perhaps, a small shield.

Hunter Goblins will be armed with a short Bow (and either a short blade of some sort – generally a dagger

When Goblins go on the ‘warpath’ they drink a strange Drink they brew from Mushrooms – that sends them battle crazy - the berserkers (as they are known) don’t use shield in battle but carry the biggest two handed clubs, maces or hammers that they can find. take larger hammers and clubs with them Before they go.

Elite guards and chieftains often have better armor and weapons - things that have been traded with other humanoid groups or taken as Loot during raids etc

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