Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm is a Neverwinter Nights 2 Persistent World, intended for the NWN2 community in general, but with specific suitability for the DMs of the EEG to run adventuring sessions. While EotS is a part of the Forgotten Realms, it is magically separated from the rest world, and there has been next to no interaction with FR for millennia.
We aim to provide an immersive Role Playing environment, with plenty of opportunity to interact with the environment and NPCs. We will implement systems, such as crafting, guilds, social status, occupations and housing as well as writing side quests that give all characters an opportunity to develop into 3 dimensional personalities. We will try to implement systems that reward good role-playing and appropriate in-character behaviour, rather than penalize characters who don’t participate fully.

The main story arc will span the game, from first level to whatever levels Obsidian implement, and will provide a consistent framework for character development. Progression to the highest levels may not be possible without engaging in the story arc.

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