JB Thoughts Kargadan

Just a way to get my thoughts down on paper before I forget them

  • Time lines - the various characters on the island talk about a Three week time line - since Captain Gianni and his crew were wrecked on the island, and implies that the storms have only been running for that 3-4 weeks. Further into the islands we are going to have elves and dwarves who say 'Its been like that as long as they can remember'
  • The Healer lady (can't remember he name off the top of my head) perhaps we should tweak her story to say that some of the early castaways found her 'wandering in the woods' - but she can't remember anything about her journey here or the ship she was wrecked on. Although she does still have vague recollections of a family.
  • The Healer and Spells - It feels uncomfortable to me that the healer 'can't remember' the name of her deity. Just about every time I have seen spells/prayers RPed they have included the name of the deity involved somewhere. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen a prayer that doesn't mention the name of the god.. Maybe she could know the name of her deity - perhaps a very obscure one - or one that doesn't appear in the lists of deities available to the PCs - and have some vague memory of having been among that gods most junior acolytes. (One interpretation going back to 1st ed - spells of L3 were learned by rote and didn't need any sort of divine intervention or acknowledgment, L4&5 were provided by 'agents' of the gods - while L6&7 needed an intervention by the gods them selves) If we choose to follow that philosopy - we could have the healer worshiping a completely made up god …
  • The Quarter Master. I noticed last night that the Quartermaser offers to take 'collected' items one at a time. I had to give things up (I suspect) in the order they appear in my inventory. Now if I want to hang onto the sling I pickup (because I didn't have a missile weapon) it will prove irritation. We need to look at a conversation that offers all of the items in one long list (even though we may have to split it across one than one node of conversation)
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