Job Opportunities (New Hope)

New Hope - Work Opportunities

Town Official
Shop Keeper
Woods man

Town Officials are the guards and ‘licencing’ officials who collect the day fees/licences for using town facilities. They also make up the staff in the town hall where you can go to pay rent, vote, register as a citizen etc. This is one of the professions that isn’t really suitable for a PC in the long run. …
Miners pay for a day-licence and then are allowed to work for a day in the mines collecting whatever ores they can.
Farmers – well there are only a couple of full time farmers - they rent land, in the ‘food basket’, from the city and grow crops. PCs (and other NPCs) can be part-time farmers by renting a small ‘Allotment garden’ to raise crops. Farms have housing with them - allotments don’t.
Fishermen work in small boats collecting fish for sale in new hope. A few rod fish from the quay side - however returns from the quay side are poor compared to boat fishing. Fishermen will often double up as traders - moving people from island to island, taking small amounts of goods with them for sale. PCs can make some money (eventually) rod fishing and selling the fish on.
Hunters – Most hunters do a little gathering on the side and sell whatever they can collect - they have to be tough as they travel the surrounding areas )braving humanoid and wild animal attack) searching for game which they kill and fetch back to town. It is a superb part-time job for an adventuring PC.
Gatherers work mainly in the safe areas close to home, collecting the fruit, berries and mushrooms (maybe bird eggs) that grow wild on the edges of the ‘Food basket’. They will also hunt small game (eg rabbits and birds) they find in the area. A safer career than Hunter (although with some overlap) – returns are a bit lower, but suitable as an occasional occupation for PCs.
Shop Keepers cover a multitude of different roles - the proprietor of the ‘Arcane Shop’, the inn keeps - anyone who sells good or services. For most this is a full time career. PCs will eventually be able to run their own market stall or perhaps rent a counter in one of the shops to sell their own goods - BUT I suspect it will be a minor career for a PC.
Traders move from island to island - buying goods on one island, transporting them to a different island and selling them on at a profit. Most fishermen do a bit of trade on the side - some do more trade than fishing. PCs who travel between the islands, either as boat passengers or using the portals will be able to make a profit in the same way.
Manufacturers make stuff for sale - good examples are the Smith (who combines manufacturing with Store keeping) and NPCs who make leather goods at home to make a cash income. Crafting PCs could count as manufacturers - either selling their produce onto the shop keepers or setting up a small store of their own.
Woodsmen collect wood from the forests – obviously the deeper they do the better the wood they collect - wood can be sold as firewood or for making hafts for weapons etc. Not a very lucrative career, unless you can go deep into the forests and bring back the rarest of woods.

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