Law - New hope

New Hope law is very basic – and in some ways is almost as barbarous as those of the surrounding Humanoid Tribes.

Theft / Assault - If you are caught stealing from, or attacking someone, they are entitled to fight back. There is a fixed penalty of 50gp (+ the return of the stolen items) payable to the Guard Patrol if you are deemed responsible – if you don't pay the fine, you are subject to outlaw status for 7 game days (or until server reset?).

Killing - If you kill a citizen and you started the fight - you become outlaw until you agree to pay the blood money price to the dead man or his family. Remember that Raise Dead works just as well on NPCs as it does on PCS, so don’t be surprised if an NPC you killed remembers you and increases the price when they sell you goods.

Blood price - if you kill someone else you must pay the rez price and a small penalty fine, so if the Rez cost is 100gp/level then we set the the blood price for NPCs is set at 150gp/level. If you fail to pay the blood price you are branded outlaw, and cannot enter into the village/town you were outlawed from until you do.

Outlaw means that if you are caught by a Guard Patrol in the whole of the exterior area where the village is - you either pay fine or blood price or defend yourself. Death DOES NOT get rid of your outlaw status - you have a day to get back out of town and then you are marked as outlaw again.

While simplified, this legal system is actually based loosely on the Saxon legal system used in England before the Norman invasion. (so 1000 or more years ago) with a few Judge Dredd overtones (ie the guards decide the punishment on the street according to a formula)

The City's men patrol the village itself and the close borderlands. ie Road to the mine, farm area etc. We can have a Guard issue a command for the PC to 'Stop and face the law' (or we can find a suitable Judge Dredd type phrase). If the character stops and pays the fine - (all well and good, all the variables are reset and PC carries on as normal) If the character does a runner - then he is fair game for the the Guards (and militia) - if the PC is killed in the process "awww! What a pity. he shouldn't have run from the law …"

Outlawed characters have to live without all the the advantages of New Hope - no visits to the shops, no access to banks and money, limited access to quests. The character is still playable, however it is restricted.

If an outlaw is caught in town, the guards (and citizens) can beat her to death, then the extra penalty is to pay for a rez for herself as well as her victim. I know it doesn't sound very sophisticated, and it only relies of rezzes as a form of penalty control - but thren - rezzes are available in the NWN2 world and death isn't such a big thing as it is in RL.

In game, if a character kills an NPC - the NPC disaapears until server reset - But then appears again as normal. So the NPC comes back from the dead - I don't see why we shouldn't build that 'fact' into our legal system.

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