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  • Government : Elected Monarchy (currently run by 'Captain Bron' - he just 'took' charge naturally - see the story)
  • Population : 60% Human, 15% Dwarf ##gray|(and 25% something else :P)

Lothran was colonised from a naval development party consisting of 4 ships (2 naval and 2 fishing ships)

Brasten : 26 people - Captain Bron, 15 sailors (2 NCO, 13 rank) , 10 marines (1 NCO, 9 ranks).

Seagull : 11 people - Lt Gorandsen, 10 sailors (2 nco 8 rank)

Fish ship 1: 6 people - 6 fishermen (1 NCO, 5 rank)

Fish ship 2: 7 people - 7 fishermen(1 NCO, 6 rank) (1 female sailor)

Civilians : 16 people - (8 male, 8 female, 1 male child)

Total original settlers = 66 (56 males, 9 females and 1 male child)

Lost early: 8 sailors (inc 1 NCO), 2 marine, 1 labourer, 6 fishermen (inc 1 NCO)

remaining :2 officers, 18 sailors (inc 3 NCO), 8 marines (inc 1 NCO), 7 Fishermen (inc 1 NCO), 15 Civilians.

50 survivors. 40 men and 9 women and 1 male child.

General Description

The people in the small town have adapted to their new surroundings and are mainly farmers. They have been settled here for almost forty years now after their 4 ship convoy crashed here. Two of the ships were military vessels, which explains the large contingent of miltia. The people, once crashed, were unable to travel north through the mountain range successfully due to the barbarian hordes that populate the mountains. The only reason these people seem to be protected is the constant fighting between the barbarians and the mountain dwarves. Once they settled here they began to encounter some of the dwarves. Although not invitive, they were friendly. They helped the people build this small village, and opened a trading partnership. The humans supply the dwarves with all they need in the way of food, etc In return the dwarves provide some security and small shipments of metal objects. Everything from farming equipment to weapons and armor. About twice a month a convoy of dwarven supplies arrives here. Including ale!

See this page (lothran-memoirs-of-bron) for a history about how Lothran was developed

  • Geographic Note

The 'story' puts Lothran on a headland with a wall defending the neck. There needs to be a beach accessible from the headland. Wooden buildings and farmland on the headland (corn, veggies and a few cows) there needs to be a woodland close to hand - that can provide both wood for lumber and small game.

  • Basic Economy

Exports: Food, Ships, Cotton, Wood
Imports: Tools, Armour, Weapons, metal, pottery, glass


  • Doren’s General Store : Owned and operated by Doren, a middle-aged human female.
  • Alchemy Shop : Run by the half-elf maiden, Amothrawiel. With the farming skills of the local many rare herbs and spices are found making this shop a great find for potion lover / makers alike.

Taverns / Inns

Points of Interest

  • Bron’s Home : Home of Bron, the reluctant leader among these settlers. He is a middle-aged human male. He is aware that he and his people were fortunate enough to land here because of the surrounding area being so abundant with plant life and well irrigated rich soils for planting. He will certainly explain his people’s situation to the players as well as be full of information about the Barbarians Hordes to the north as well as his new found friends in the mountains, the Dwarves.
  • Lothran Barracks: Commander Terric, a human male, is responsible for the town guard.


Food & Drink

  • Meats-

Cultivated Meats - Chickens ?

Hunted – Minor game

Fish- Lots of it

  • Plants -

Cultivated Plants- wheat and barley, Range of vegetables (?Squash, Zucchini, Lettuce, Tomato, Celery?)

Gathered Plants – a few berries

  • Drinks - Ales, Barley Wine, Whiskey


  • Everday - Cotton, leather, wooden buttons/ties etc
  • Best - add metal buttons/ genstones,


Normally leather


Wooden shafted/hafted - iron heads from the dwarves


Wooden shafted/hafted - iron heads from the dwarves


Wooden - originally from broken up ships, latterly from locally cut wood


Exports: Food, Ships, Cotton, Wood, booze
Imports: Tools, Armour, Weapons, metal, pottery, glass

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