New Hope Quest Ideas

Just thinking about some possible quest ideas while I am fiddling around.Anything that pops into your head add it here so we can have more than enough quests to go around when ther PCs reach the city.

  • Saving the animalsA druid in the nearby woods where the PCs will be hunting asks them to stop the needless killing of her animals. If the PCs comply they loose the Pelt retireval quest(next) and get an alignment shift towards good(3) and xp(350). Also receieve a small magical item(pretection ring of some sort)

How about we change it froma druid to a fairy in the wood lands? That just makes it a bit less obvious what sort of quest it is. Personally I think if we give them an big reward for 'taking the pledge' then we need topenalise them every time they kill an animnal :P IE NO XP for killing anything classed as an animal - and a chaos hit every time they do kill an animal. this quest could be a nuisance quest :P Once they have agreed the quest and 'Signed the pledge' the fairy doesn't appear anymore. However, if they haven't 'signed the pledge' there is a chance the fairy appears (say 1 in 5) everytime they enter the woodlands. She asks politely the first time - and more shrilly subsequent times.
The fairy is running a consistent campaign to stop the humans hunting in the woods - and really doesnt care that closing off this avenue of food supply willl cause hardships in New Hope.

  • Pelt RetrievalA local tradesmen has asked the PC to retrieve (x) number of pelts for him. Each time the PCs return with pelts they will get an xp reward(25) + a small gold reward(5gp per)

We can make this a 'work' quest - the PC can pick it up once per game week to help make a living in New Hope. We can work variants of the quest for game meat, fish, metal ore etc
I suspect hunting will be the only 'free' work activity for newcomer PCs. We are planning to charge for using the mine - so PCs will have to work as errand boys or hunters to get their first cash.

  • Tour I stole this idea from one a saw on a PW long ago. When the PCs first arrive in town and speak to the people in the town hall perhaps the deputy mayor would give them a "tour" to go on to various location around the city. To familiarize themselves with the city the PCs would have to visit each of the selected areas around the city to complete the quest. xp reward(200)

I once used a variant of this to get first levels PCs arriving on a world to second level quickly and safely :) How about - the PC arrives at the Portal - and the 'portal Keeper' (Old Order knight? priest?) gives them a letter of introduction to various people in New Hope. Perhaps one to the Town Hall (to find out their rights), one to 'The Bog' (where they can get a room) one to the Mine and one to the pelt retrieval quest (earn a living)
Again this become a one off quest - each character can only do it once - and perhaps they get 50xp for each letter delivered.

  • Smithy Delivery After learning that the boy how is the local smith's apprentice is from a farming family in the outskirts of the city the smith asks you to tell them the boy has found a place to stay permenently with the smith and also to deliever some farming equipment to the people there. xp reward(100)

sounds good to me - one off quest

  • Secret Message A prostitute has the PCs deliever a message to one of the noblemen in town hall. Taking this quest give an align shift toward chaos(2) and xp(50). Upon delivery the noblemen will have the pc deliver a piece of jewelry back the the prostitute. Somehitn she left behind, perhaps? -p Align shift toward chaos(3) and xp(50).

*grins* I would be inclined to give the PC a small lawful boost for delivering the jewellery :P It must be very tempting to steal something of value that is part of a a 'secret' transaction where the NPCs can't follow the theft up under the law without revealing their relationship :P However, if the jewellery was stolen - they would lose any further quests available from either the politician or his mistress. And may well make an enemy out of a powerful man. This has to be a one off quest.

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