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New Hope

This assume that the climate and agricultural analysis is acceptable.

May Ale

Take 1 measure of potatoes, 1 measure of sweet potatoes and slice them fine. Add one measure of Mayapples and a handful of juniper berries that have been part crushed. To the mix add 10 parts of water and boil hard for a hour. Pour off the liquid into another vat.

Mash the solids and rinse round with another 2 measures of water, taking all the goodness from the waste. Add the rinse water to the new vat. Wait until the water is ‘touch’ cool and add the yeast Allow to ferment out, then rack off and bottle.

May Wine

Take one measure of honey, one measure of crushed mayapples berries and a handful of juniper berries, add three measures of water, bring to the boil and immediately cool. When the mix is ‘touch’ cool, add the yeast. Allow to ferment out, rack and bottle.

May Liquor

Take one measure of Sugar cane, crush and soak. Add one measure of mayapples and a handful of Juniper berries, two measures of water and bring to the boil. Allow to cool before adding yeast. Once the liquid has stopped fermenting it will taste musty with an unpleasant aftertaste.

Distil the liquid once, condense the distillate and collect. This will be much stronger than the original and will taste more strongly of the fruit, without the musty overtones or unpleasant after taste.

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