NHC Codicil 1 - Elections

(This was returned by the mayor at the end of that first week. he had clearly listened to his people)

Codicil 1 - Elections

By ballot the Citizens of New Hope will elect The Mayor and two Aldermen. The Mayor will appoint one of the Aldermen to be his deputy. In the even of the incapacity or death of the mayor, the deputy will assume the office of Mayor until such times as an election can be held.

The electorate will be divided into three colleges, Citizens, Masters and Patricians. Citizens are classed as any person who has sworn an oath to protect New Hope and uphold its charter. Masters are those citizens who have shown them selves to be leaders of the people of New Hope, either in civic service, military or manufacturing ability or in any other form that is deemed appropriate. Those Masters who have shown themselves worthy over long periods of service or in exceptions ways will be elevated to the position of Patrician where their experience can be heard most easily. Changed it so people only get to vote in their named college

Any candidate who carries two of the three colleges will be deemed to be elected. In the event of a tie, the current Mayor will cast the deciding vote. (ie three candidates, one wins each college)

Once properly elected, the Mayor will appoint a named individual to be responsible for upholding the law and the defence of New Hope, he will be known as The Military Legate. A second named individual, known as the Civil Legate will be appointed with responsibility for managing the dwelling houses, mines, farming lands and other sundry assets of New Hope.

Each election or appointment will be for the life time of the incumbent. However, the Mayor, a Legate, or an Aldermen can be recalled by the unanimous agreement of the other four.

The legates are employees of the New Hope, and the Aldermen are representatives of the people of New Hope, but it is the Mayor who is the elected leader of New Hope. As such, the Legates and Aldermen are tasked to advise the Mayor as to the policy he should follow, however, any such decisions fall to the Mayor alone.

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