NHC Codicil 2 – Militia

Codicil 2 – Militia

The Mayor, through his appointment the Military Legate, will develop a system of military training for the youth of New Hope. Each youth will be taught basic skills at arms with either the club or quarterstaff, and will have the opportunity to train with both a small shield and a sling. During their training the youths will also be taught simple military manoeuvres and drill. AT the completion of their training, they will be deemed suitable to take the oath of a Citizen and progress to that rank.

New comers to New Hope, will be given individual opportunities to proved their military skill and their commitment to the security of New Hope. Those who pass there tests of skill and commitment will be considered worthy of taking the oath of Citizen.

Before any person, be they a child of the town or a new comer, is to be considered a citizen they must publicly declare the oath of citizenship.

“I, Fred Bloggs, do solemnly and righteously swear to uphold the laws of New Hope and to defend her against invasion. I do also swear that I shall uphold the spirit of The Charter of New Hope in any dealing that might be seen to represent her.”

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