NHC Codicil 4 - Political

Codicil 4 - Political

The Mayor will regularly publish tasks that aspiring candidates may attempt to prove their worthiness for the promotion to the rank of Citizen, Master or Patrician. These tasks will be set to show that the candidate possesses leadership or great ability in one or more areas or expertise. Candidates aspiring to the position of patrician will have to prove themselves capable of carrying out tasks of great importance to New Hope and may well find themselves in extreme danger.

(OOC: Citizen tests about L3 to L5, Masters around L15, Patricians around L35)

However, some achievements will automatically make a candidate worthy of promotion.

A senior role in the Town administration, such as Guard Commander or Mine Superintendent will automatically qualify the appointee for advancement to the rank of Master.

A recognised Craft Master (as recognised by his peers) will automatically be accepted for promotion to the rank of Master.
DM NOTE: We could decide that to be recognised by his peers the candidate must be craft master in two (or more) different crafts to retain parity

The Guild Master of a large public guild who has negotiated and arrangement with the city to rent property, will automatically be accepted for promotion to the rank of master.

Any citizen elected to the position of Mayor, Legate or Alderman will automatically be elevated to the position of Patrician.

DM NOTE: We could put Master Crafter in ?10? different crafts in here? Is that a major (ie level 35 type) achievement?)

The mayor may, at his discretion, nominate any one for advancement in rank, however in a case of personal recommendation, where published criteria have not been met, the elevation must be ratified by the electorate at ballot.

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