NHC Codicil 5 - Citizenship

Codicil 5 - Citizenship

All citizens are required to assist the town guard in the execution of their duty, so long as that action does not put the life of the citizen at risk. Each citizen is required to report for militia training on one day of the year, to refresh basic skills and to review company assignment.

In times of war each citizen is required to report for militia service, as per their militia assignment and training. Each citizen is required to follow the orders of their company Militia Master in the defence of the city. Those Militia Masters not assigned to a defensive company may be assigned to support roles or special operational roles against the enemy’s forces. The Patricians will support the Mayor and the Military Legate in their defence of New Hope in whatever way is deemed most appropriate.

However, each citizen is required to do their duties to the best of their ability, and should they be found to be remiss in their duty, they may be stripped of all rank and status.

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