NHC Codicil 6 – The Law

Codicil 6 – The Law

Theft / Assault - If a criminal is caught in the act of stealing from, or attacking someone, the citizen is entitled to fight back and defend themselves and their property. Who so ever is deemed to be the guilty party will issue a spot fine by a guard, that must be paid immediately. If the criminal is unable to pay the fine, s/he will be escorted to the jail where they will stay until they do pay the fine. Any articles stolen or damaged must be returned, or if that is not possible, monetary reparations made.

If a criminal should escape custody without paying the fine, they will be designated as outlaw for a period at the discretion of the town mayor.
(OOC: This is normally seven days but may be extended for repeat offenders)

Killing - If a citizen is killed, who so ever struck the blow will be deemed the killer, unless s/he can prove extenuating circumstances, such as the dead man started the fight. The Killer will immediately be outlawed unless they agree to pay both a fine and blood money. The blood money will be sufficient for the family and friends of the dead man to meet the temple fees associated with a ritual to raise the dead.

Those killers who will not pay the fine and blood money will automatically be declared as Outlaw until such times as both the fine and the blood money are paid.

Outlaw any outlaw found within the boundaries of New Hope will have the opportunity to surrender themselves to custody and pay any fines and blood money outstanding. Those who do not immediately surrender themselves to custody do so at risk of death. The guard may attempt to beat the outlaw into submission, either beating him to compliance, unconsciousness or to death. Any outlaw beaten to death by the guards is responsible for their own temple fees. Compliant or unconscious outlaws will be removed to the jail, as well the bodies of outlaws slain resisting arrest. They will remain in jail, even aver rituals to raise the dead, until the fine or blood money is paid. to pay their fines.

Fines Any criminal not able to pay fines from their cash in hand may deal with one of the Town magistrates who will offer to buy goods from the criminal at close to street prices (although the state will charge a small premium for acting as agent for the criminal). The criminal will not be released to collect money from a bank nor goods from a store house or secure chest.

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