Newhope Family Schools

The Family Schools

The Family Schools are just a room in the manor house that has desks, students and a teacher.

Children who belong to the 'wealthier' memebers of the family attend school most days of the week, while the children of 'more distant kin' (those who are further from the family money) only attend two or three times a week.

There is a heirarchy - on those days that the 'distant kin' come into school, they are often guided and instructed by the more able children from the 'Close' families. This means that the 'distant' kids are bought up to see the 'close' kids as their teachers and leaders, cementing both a feeling of family belonging and the heirachy within the family.

Those 'Distant Cousins' who show promise are invited back for schooling on more days of the week - and might eventually go on to become Student-teachers much like the 'Close Cousins'. If they have enough talent, These 'distant cousins' might even get get all the educational benefits offered to the 'close cousins'

Those days of the week when the less talented 'distant' family members aren't there, are devoted to honing and developing the skills of 'close' cousins - while the older ones prepare start working on the Grammar school curriculum - so that students can pass the entrance tests at the university straight off and get straight into serious study.

RP Notes

These rooms will generally be empty at night - however through the day they will normally have a teacher and students. If a PC walks into the room the teacher will object and children will raise a 'Hue and Cry'. Before long house guards will come and chase the intruder out. House guards will all be militia and will count as part of the watch, if a pc gets 'killed' in one of these houses/schools they wake up in the jail and need to pay a fine etc. (after all, they were caught inside a house they shouldn't have been in - obviously they were intent on either theft or worse!!!!)


(Like all big families the money is concentrated in the hands of a few people - and these people generally go on to lead the family. in thise sense 'close' means geaneologically close to the heads of the family - while distant means geaneologically distant from the family heads. However, it isn't quite that straightforward - each family needs both 'masters' and 'Patriarch' level members to survive, to maintain its political position and to develop new streeams of income. The New Hope social system is a form of meritocracy - ie the child od a patrician is still only a citizen in New Hope society (a powerful citizen , but just a citizen none the less) - so each family has to find ways to get people promoted who are loyal to the family. The give 'close' relalatives first chance, but they don't waste any talent they find in the more 'distant' ranks of the family and make sure they have an opportunity to progress while mking sure they owe the 'family' something.

If a child does suceed - they sort of move 'closer' to the heads of the family (they are certainly closer to the family wealth because they own part of it themselves)

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