Government of New Hope

Mayor’s Office

  • The Mayor – Ally O’Barant
    1. Mayor’s secretary –
  • Alderman (Deputy Mayor) Calis Corwen (F)

Civil Legation

  • Civil Legate – Trachen O’Barant
    1. Mine Master : {O'Barant?}
    2. Market Master: (F) Boriuna Majent {Independent}
    3. Harbour Master: Querub Corwen {Corwen}
    4. Housing Master: (F)(?Argenta from the NPC list - town hall section?) {O'Barant?}
    5. Archive Master: Adonan Corwen {Corwen}
    6. Finance Master : (? Marcus from the NPC list - town hall section?) {O'Barant?}

Military Legation

  • Military Legate: Lord Kross
    1. Master of the 1st Company of the Watch {O'Barant}
    2. Master of the 2nd Company of the Watch {Corwen}
    3. Master of the 3rd Company of the Watch Dexel Corwen {Corwen}
    4. Master of the 4th Company of the Watch {Reading Rooms}
    5. Master of The O'Barant Militia Brigade {O'Barant}
    6. Master of the Corwen Militia Brigade {Corwen}
    7. Master of the Minegate Militia Brigade {Reading Rooms}
    8. Master of the Farmgate Militia Brigade {Independent}
    9. Master of the Quayside Militia Brigade {Reading Rooms}

Glisten Creek

  • Governor of Glisten Creek: Geroywn O'Barant
    1. Master of the Glisten Creek Militia {Independent}
    2. Master of the Glisten Creek Watch {Corwen}
    3. master - some sort of Civil Master?
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