PLACE - Grammar School

The Grammar School

This is a more expensive version of the Dame School - It covers all the same basic material as the Mrs Bean's Dame School - but much more formally. When students have completed their basic education they are started on a program of study that teaches the same subjects as the grammar school at the university - so that students are prepared for the university entrance exams (if they can afford to attend) Education from the grammar school is seen as 'better' than education from either the dame school or the family schools.

The School is run by Master Robert, who charges 150gp per year per student - students have to commit to a year and there are no reductions.

Master Robert does not take charity donations or charity students - his classes are reserved for the sons and daughters of wealthy patrons. In other words - this is where the children of the Masters and Patriarchs who are not part of the Corwen or O'Barant clans send their children for education.

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Building Notes

The Grammar school is part of a four room structure.

The biggest room is the School room - it is equipped with tables and chairs/benches for students. There will be a book case with copies of the same basic texts that are at Mrs Bean's school. However there are two or three other books as well as six copies of the 'Book of Torin' for students to copy out. Tables with sheets of paper and trimmings (pens, ink etc) - maps, educational pictures on the walls (or portraits of great leaders from the stories). A fairly well appointed school room, without being luxurious.

Living room/office - a small room that serves as both an office and a living room for master Robert and Sally. It will have a stove and cook pots, storage etc (possibly in a curtained alcove) - table chairs another book case with adult texts - and be a formal living space. Its more suited for Father and daughter to sit at the table and work together rather than sitting in easy chairs. Good light at table.

Roberts bedroom. A bedroom suitable for a mature male scholar. Should have an east chair for reading, storage for clothes/personal goods, decorated for a male.

Sally's bedroom - a bedroom suitable for a young female scholar. Should have an east chair for reading, storage for clothes/personal goods, decorated for a youngish female.

means we need something that can work as a small shrine to (Celtic Knowledge God) in the living area?

Role Play Notes

Master Robert took the school over from his father and was promptly put forward for the rank of Master by all the Masters and Patricians who benefited from his school. It is in their interest to keep the school in 'good/nice' hands.

Master Robert only teaches the senior students at the school now, the juniors are all taught by Sally (Master Roberts Daughter)

Sally needs to achieve Master Status at some point so she can take over the school when her father dies - So it makes a good opportunity for either a quest - Can the players get Sally to the place where she can complete a Master Level quest - and then support her enough that she strikes the final blow that kills the monster - and she survives the experience? (We could either automate the quest or set it up for a DM Quest)

The storage chests/cabinets in the bedrooms contain personal goods on low value. they can be locked and trapped - stealing from the changes the PC alignment towards Chaotic (0.1 points chaotic for every item stolen)

As a school owned by a Master - this school can be in a three room building - one room for teaching with a couple of living rooms attached. (Or perhaps he could rent the school room separately and have a three room apartment for living in.) - or even better Sally is a citizen and is entitled to a room - that gets them a 4 room place.

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