Newhope Militia

When Lord Kross took over responsibility for organising a militia, he designed it around the groups that had fought together during the Humanoid Wars, and he chose the five people who had appeared to be the strongest leaders during those wars.

Naturally all the farmers and hunters had fought together during the battles, and the miners had grouped together as well. The Corwens had all fought as one unit as had the O’Barants – and the rest had rallied under the leadership of one of the townsmen, Beral of Cho.

So he formed five militia companies and assigned them specific positions in which to muster if there was another battle. The Miners were assigned the Mine gate to the town, the Countrymen were assigned to the farm gate and the other Townsmen were assigned to the Quay - while both the O’Barants and the Corwens were assigned to the town square ready to support which ever direction the attack came from. (and in some respects is the most dangerous as they are guaranteed battle)

Further more, he charged them with finding their own officer, the company Militia Master. S/He would be responsible for recruiting, training and drills and would command the unit in battle.

Over time it became traditional that parents would take their children along to their own militia company for training, and eventually the child would join the company they trained with. Over time this developed five strong companies with links that ran back through the generations - and company members felt pride in their units …

Militia companies are required to run regular training for their recruits and to muster four times a year. This is partly to refresh members combat skills, partly to ensure that each member keeps their weaponry in a useable state, and partly to ensure they know where they should go when the militia is summoned to battle.

One side-effect of this is that the Corwens and the O’Barants have pretty much developed their own militia companies and they use these to reinforce family loyalties and retain family influence.

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