PLACE - Mrs Bean's Day School

Mrs Bean’s day school – a single room with children of various ages working at desks. Mrs Bean will talk to anyone who comes into the school room. She will ask if the PC wants to enrol their child in school and will accept donatiojns. Mrs Bean is a career teacher - she tries her best to make sure all the kids that come to her school get som e sort of education - but she is realistic enough to know that most will go onto fairly mundane jobs when they leave here. So she concentrates on basic Reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic.

Building Notes

A single room that Mrs Bean rents as a business from the Town Hall. Fairly plainly furnished - tables and benches for students - a table at the front for teacher. A book case with a few books (a couple of normal ones and I will write a Children's version of a couple of the histories, perhaps a couple of children's adventure stories.) maybe a couple of maps on tables a few sheets of paper, a couple of pictures on the wall - any oth basic educational stuff

RP Notes

Mrs Bean:-
“Hello there sir/madam. Are to here to talk about enrolling a child at the school?”

PC :-

  1. Skool. Ye gods no …..
  2. No. I was just passing. Sorry to disturb you.
  3. Err. No. But I wondered if I could make a donation to support the school?

Mrs Bean:-
“A donation? Thank you. 10gp allows a student to study for two months – but 50 gps allows a student to study for a whole year.


  1. Here is 10 gp, it will help a bit. (PC gets a 0.2 change towards Good alignment and can only do this once per game day).
  2. Here is the 50gp, please find a suitable child to benefit from it. (PC gets 1.2 change towards good - BUT can only do this once per level)
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