NPC Listing

Here is a listing of all the NPCs in the areas in and around New Hope. At least the ones that are completed. It is my hope that we may use this as a reference and a guide when thinking up character conversations and quest ideas, etc.
* Note middle aged means 20-35 years of age. And all are human unless otherwise noted.*

New Hope Exterior(Day Only):

  • Amur – A middle-aged, male, commoner.
  • Boriuna Majent – A middle-aged, female, rogue. Runs the outdoor market. Works for the Civil Legate and holds the title Market Master
  • Dana – A 14yr.old, female, middle to upper class.

Middle class means Master rank in New hope - so presumably (at 14) her father or mother holds master rank in some way?

  • Fredrick – A typical young man (16-20) of wealth.

OK - where does this wealth come from? If its historic family wealth he should be either a Corwen or an O'Barant

  • Hian – A younger (20-25) man, commoner.
  • Naam – A middle aged man, uneducated. Probably a laborer of sorts.
  • Querub Corwen – harbourmaster
  • Samos – A middle-aged (30+) man. Educated. Possibly associated with the cloth or a monastery situation.
  • Tod – A 14yr old boy, lower to middle class.
  • Zeri – A middle-aged man, commoner although possibly a local militia member.
  • Day Watchmen – These are the town guards. Various guards will be stationed at their posts while others will be on patrol around the city. Studded leather / spear or mace)
  • Dock Workers – These 3 men are in their 20’s, all human, commoners. Should be a good source of information/rumor about the goings on in the settlements outside of New Hope.
  • Commoners – There are 6 in total with non-specific names. 3 men, 3 women.

New Hope Exterior( Night Only):

  • Gilmor – Fighter. Middle aged, man.
  • Helen – Young (16-20) female prostitute.
  • Kilinus – Male Dwarf of middle age. Possibly a mine worker hit the local pubs.
  • Vilimand – Older Drow elf. Speaks in riddle of a darkness on the edge of the world,etc. Ominous figure.
  • Night Watchmen - Same as the day watchmen except the watchmen on patrol carry torches in hand instead of their sheilds.

{Moved to the seweres - see The Den}

  • Delingus Bucktooth – A black market trader. Sorcerer and Rogue. Human male, middle-aged.
  • Pishnak Bucktooth – Half-Orc male of middle age. Friend to Delingus, and his bodyguard.
  • Judy – Older (30ish) female prostitute with an unusual look about her( like a succubus)/


  • Alissa – An older woman. Runs the local general store in town.
  • Asharis O'Barant– An older man of upper class status. Runs the bank.
  • Bank Guard – Half-Orc male.
  • Dornif – Dwarf of older middle age. Smithy in town.
  • Dayton – Apprentice to the smith, Dornif. A teenaged male.
  • Elriewien Longeye – Half-Elf female of young age. Runs the Arcane Shop.
  • Jemester – Male Halfling of middle age. Runs the pawn shop in town.

The Bog(Day Only):

  • Adin – Middle-Aged male sorcerer.
  • Aylaran – Older(40+) middle-age commoner.
  • Jegar – Middle-aged cleric, male.
  • Beggar – Middle-aged male, commoner.
  • Barmaid – Younger (20ish) female. Also there at night.

The Bog(Night Only):

  • Bordak – Male dwarf. Miner.
  • Fruian – Middle-aged male, fighter. Miner.
  • Graeyak – Dark assassin. Male, human(half). Possible evil/rogue character contact.
  • Jazer – Young( 20ish) ranger, male. Maybe a tracker for hire? A bit mysterious.
  • Tiock – Middle-aged man. “The gambler”.

The Temple of Torin (Main floor):

  • Breella – Cleric of Torin. Older female.
  • Brother Nathan – Head Cleric of Torin. Older male.
  • Esek – Assistant to Nathan. Younger ( late teens, early 20’s) male.
  • Jorai - Older middle-aged male. Worshiper, commoner.
  • Ololamin – Younger middle aged male. Works for the church doing various duties, such as cooking for the priests.
  • Worshipers – 5 in all with no unique names. 3 male, 2 female from all walks of life, icluding two farmers ( 1 woman, 1 man).

Torin (Hospital):

  • Annie – Nurse. Female, younger middle-age.
  • Jorela – Nurse. Female, older middle age.
  • Jabel - Nurse. Male, older middle age.

Town Hall:

  • Argenta – Middle-aged, upper class female.
  • Saric – Middle-aged, middle class male.
  • Henry – Older(40+) upper class male.
  • Taron – Middle-aged, upper class male.
  • Marcus – Middle-aged, upper class male.
  • Cadrina – Middle-aged, upper class female.
  • Raveck – Older(50+), middle to upper class male. Possibly a trade boat captain?
  • Ellis – Middle-aged, upper class male.
  • Ethendril – Male Elf. Possibly an emissary from Garthurian.
  • Marroar – Adjudant official. Older male.
  • Krisiries – Town Registrars official. Middle-aged female.
  • Ricdak – Town Collections’ official. Older male.
  • Norendithas – Town Commisions’ official. Middle-aged male.
  • Mayor Aley
  • Deputy Mayor Calis Corwen
  • Trachen O'Barant (Civil Legate)
  • Lord Kross (Military legate)
  • Alderman Glone Hammerhand
  • Hall Guards – Males clad in heavier armor. This is the elite guard for the town. They carry shields and have swords that remain sheathed.

Town Hall(Upstairs) :

  • Adonan – Archive Master. Old male.
  • Hall Guards – Same as above.

Town Hall(Downstairs-Jail) :

  • Jayteck - The magistrate. Middle-aged male.
  • Hall Guards – Same as above.

Outer Farms:

  • Belian – Young male(18-20). Possibly an animal trapper?
  • Ianfalcon – Middle-aged male. Farmer/woodcutter.
  • Leoland – Middle-aged male farmer.
  • Ortiril – Middle aged male. Hunter.
  • Yendak – Middle aged male farmer.

Outer Farms(Interiors):

  • Marthana – Young female(18). Farmer’s wife?
  • Unastine – Older female. Farmer’s wife?
  • Pollock – Middle aged male.
  • Mateo – Middle-aged male.
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