Who's who?

A list of those people eligible to vote in the various electoral colleges and their political allegiances. The O'Barant and Corwen blocks tend to follow family line - while the Reading Room members tend to have similar views but area less solid political block. As for independents - they vote as they see fit.


  1. Patriarch Ally O'Barant (mayor){O'Barant}
  2. Lord Kross (Military Legate) {OO - Independent}
  3. Patriarch Trachen O'Barant (Civil Legate){O'Barant}
  4. Patriarch Calis Corwen (F) (Deputy mayor){Corwen}
  5. Patriarch Glone Hammerhand (Alderman) {Reading Rooms}
  6. Patriarch Carsten Corwen (Ex Alderman - head of Corwen Clan){Corwen}
  7. Patriarch Ashaeris O'Barant (runs the bank){O'Barant}
  8. Patriarch Geroywn O'Barant (Governor of Glisten Creek) {O'Barant}
  9. Patriarch Peter Umberta (ex-alderman, retired) {Reading Rooms}
  10. Patriarch 'Mad' Mitch Corwen (loony and adventurer) {Corwen}
  11. Patriarch Axon the hunter Ex-Alderman - and woodsman {independent}

Current Position 4x O'Barant, 3x Corwen, 2x ReadingRoom, 2x Independent


  1. Mine Master : Henry O'Barant {O'Barant?}
  2. Market Master: (F) Boriuna Majent {RA - Independent}
  3. Harbour Master: Querub Corwen {Corwen}
  4. Housing Master: (F)(?Argenta from the NPC list - town hall section?) {O'Barant?}
  5. Archive Master: Adonan Corwen {Corwen}
  6. Finance Master : (? Marcus from the NPC list - town hall section?) {O'Barant?}
  7. Master of the 1st Company of the Watch {O'Barant}
  8. Master of the 2nd Company of the Watch {Corwen}
  9. Master of the 3rd Company of the Watch Dexel Corwen {Corwen}
  10. Master of the 4th Company of the Watch {Reading Rooms}
  11. master of the Glisten Creek Watch {Corwen}
  12. Master of The O'Barant Militia Brigade {O'Barant}
  13. Master of the Corwen Militia Brigade {Corwen}
  14. Master of the Minegate Militia Brigade {Reading Rooms}
  15. Master of the Farmgate Militia Brigade {Independent}
  16. Master of the Quayside Militia Brigade {Reading Rooms}
  17. Master of the Glisten Creek Militia {Independent}
  18. Master Robert McQuin (from the Grammar School) {Reading Rooms}
  19. Master (F) Allissa Simons (from the general Store) {Reading Rooms}
  20. Master Dornif the Dwarf (Smithy) {Reading Rooms}
  21. Master (F) Fortuna Longeye (University teacher) {Reading Rooms}
  22. Master Jemester the Halfling (Pawn Shop) {RA - Independent }
  23. Master Peter Gasgano (University teacher) {Independant}

(Space for ?50? masters altogether).
Currently the list shows
5x O'Barant (4 more to come)
6x Corwen (7 more to come)
7x Reading Rooms
5x Independent

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