PLACE - Rab O’Rand’s Home from Home

(Rab O’Rand’s is an anagram of barnardo’s - a well known British charity for homeless children)

This is just one single room that has been allocated to Rab O'Rand as his livig quarter, it is larger than the average room allocated to other citizens and rab clearly managed to influence somone in the city administration. Rab O’Rand is a nice guy - he really cares, he doesn’t have much money but he cares a lot, and that is his only motivation for looking after these kids. He spends all of his time raising money to pay the rent, food and schooling etc.

RP Notes

Rab will always take donations to help fund his ‘House’. He provides some very basic education for his ‘children’ but it really is the very very basics. Donations of 50gp will fund a ‘bed’ for a year – 100 gp will fund a bed and schooling at Mrs Bean’s day school.
(50 gp - = 1.2 points of Good, 100 gp = 2.5 points of goodness - however only one donation per level can be made to Rab’s)

Possible quest link to the to the 'street children' / 'Kids in the sewers' where a specific child is sponsored for a place at Rab's Home from Home

Building Notes

This is one single room in a house, although it is larger than most single rooms. The room has a single bed and a lockable chest for Rab (perhaps in curtained alcove) and a fireplace for cooking. There may be cooking pots by the fire and storage chests that hold cheap basic food stuffs. Cheap wooden spoons and bowls might be found on shelves, but there is little in the way of comforts or luxuries. The room itself has three or four sets of bunkbeds (or possibly more) squeezed into it. The only other furniture is a table and benches in the middle of the room. There might be one or two childrens' books on 'letters of the alphabet' or 'Starting with Numbers'

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