Rogues Alliance - initial thoughts

The Den

How do rogues work in a small society? Generally there isn’t a lot of theft tolerated in a small society - and just about everyone is ‘Known’. Nor is there a lot of opportunity for big con schemes or fraud. After all – it is a small rural community (no matter how had it tries to be anything else)

Which only leaves things like smuggling, tax avoidance, prostitution, drugs, moving illegal items and illegal gambling etc?

That splits into two different function types - static and transporting

Static - we have gambling, prostitution, drug supply, and general sale of illegal/unsavoury goods
Transporting – Smuggling and moving illegal items (inc drug trafficking)


So – our ‘underground ‘den of thieves’ - could house an illegal card game, one of the prostitutes / good time girls – and a store for booze and illegal stuff (thieves tools / drugs etc)

Really the prostitute and the gambling are really just ‘colour’.

The girl - is just a normal conversation controlled girl - we can always let her take some money and then have a 30 second ‘Black Screen’, for the client. Although we could put a ‘prostitute’ type quest along side that if we chose to.

For the gambler - there are a number of card player scripts out there that should be fairly easy to implement - we could even put a ‘fruit/slot machine in there)

But what can we have as illegal stuff? Some basics might include …

Strong booze – there is a tradition of moonshine, poteen an all sorts of other home brewed spirits around the world. We could have Potshine - a traditional recipe for a spirit that is reputed to be strong enough to ‘clean the pots’ …. (That’s easy to do - just a customised spirits bottle – perhaps made stronger than normal. COURIER QUEST: It could be that the potshine is made outside the city and there is a ‘quest’ to go collect a few bottles and act as a courier to return it.

Drugs – there are a set of drugs for NWN1 – that seem to work well. I am sure they will work OK in NWN2 – even if they haven’t been converted. We could use one or two from that selection to sell in our ‘Den’. (the drugs have addictive properties - big bonuses when you are high - negative stats when you come down / need a fix) – COURIER QUEST: the drugs are imported by the Halfling/gypsies - dropped in a stash outside town (after all they don’t want to be searched when they come into town) – again PCs have to go and collect the stuff.

Equipment – Thieves tools, traps, poisons etc – CRAFT QUEST - PC craftsmen will be able to sell all the traps and poisons they make to the ‘store’ in the den.


We discussed using the network of Halfling gypsies with Jemester in the Pawn shop as their main contact.

The Halfling Gypsies are already adept at ‘slipping into’ places – in the past it was under the noses of Humanoids - Now its under the noses of the watch. And they hardly recognise any local laws anyway. The sewers are water flooded – and that water needs to flow out to sea somewhere, and where water can flow out, a small boat can row in …. We could, therefore, use the sewers as the contact route between Jemmet and the Gypsies

We would need a locked trap door with a crane/winch (or something similar over it) in the basement of the pawn Shop – and a trap door in the ceiling with a ladder reaching up to it in the sewers …..

The Den is already in the sewers - so there is an ‘underground’ route from ‘The Den’ to ‘The Pawn Shop’ and onto the Halfling Gypsies


Master Jemester The Halfling - an ‘off-world’ Halfling - Runs The Pawn Shop in New Hope – which sells second hand goods and (perhaps) gives PCs the opportunity to rent shop counters where they can do their own business. Jemester will have a second ‘Secret Store’ that only gets opened up if the PC makes the official Rogues Guild sign. (Maybe Wink, wink?)

Market Master Boriuna Majent a human who is in charge of the only other place to sell goods legally. Most of her market-traders sell fresh produce and game – but occasionally they might have something more interesting that they have ‘found’. She will sell a few bits and pieces herself - perhaps simple traps that can be used to trap animals (ie spike/tangle). In amongst the ‘normal’ stuff she has slipped a much stronger Acid trap - something that would be frowned on in New Hope and can’t be used for trapping as it destroys the meat/skin. If a character tries to buy it, Boriuna takes it back - exclaiming that it was a mistake that it was in the shop and she had confiscated it from someone earlier. If the PC perseveres in trying to buy the trap - she will give then clues to get to ‘The Den’. Boriuna will have a second ‘Secret Store’ that only gets opened up if the PC makes the official Rogues Guild sign. (Maybe Wink, wink?).

Delingus Bucktooth – A black market trader. Sorcerer and Rogue. Human male, middle-aged. – sells drugs, potshine and thieves tools – however his sell price is high. He will also buy any stolen goods - BUT his buy price is low (for any goods)
{taken from the NPC list – outside@night list}

Pishnak Bucktooth – Half-Orc male of middle age. Half-brother to Delingus, and his bodyguard.
{taken from the NPC list – outside@night list}

Judy – Older (30ish) female prostitute with an unusual look about her( like a succubus)
{taken from the NPC list – outside@night list}

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