Social Status (New Hope)

A socio/political system for New Hope

Four tiers of social status.

Resident - they live in New Hope, but don’t have any special privileges - all new comers (ie PCs) start off as residents)

Citizens - residents who have qualified for citizen status by doing state sponsored militia training (Most NPCs)- OR who have shown them selves worthy to join the militia by completing a number of set task/quests (go patrol that woodland and bring back the heads of at least 5 Orcs) - and sworn an oath of allegiance to New Hope (All PCs and a few NPCs). ‘Official’ town posts can only be given to citizens. So all guards are citizens, and staff in the Town hall, the Mine officials etc - are all citizens.

Masters - Citizens who have proven themselves especially worthy are made masters of New Hope. New Hope is fairly open minded and there are a number of ways that a PC can prove his worth – although all of them include a large cash donation to the city coffers, and (I suggest) a minimum of 15 levels, so that we make it a recognition of achievement to date. The Character can become one of the Masters of New Hope if they have achieved Craft Master Status (although we could insist on master crafter level in two or more crafts), or they are the Guild Master of a PC run guild that has a significant number of members (ie characters who belong to at least 10 different players as members) – obviously the guild has to be publicly recognised. Or they can perform a number of more complex quests to prove themselves worthy to become a Master of the Militia.

Patricians - L35, more specialised quests, and a huge donation to the city. (Not available until there is an expansion)

Political system

Elections are democratic - but election is by electoral college. All citizens are members of the citizens college. Masters are members of both the Citizens College and the Masters College. Patricians are members of the Citizens, Masters and Patricians colleges. In effect Citizens get one vote, Masters get 2 votes and Patricians get three votes.
Later version edited so that citixens are only members of their own college - so one man one vote - but some votes have a smaller college than others

To win an election the candidate must win at least two out of the three colleges …

That would give us a structure something like this

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