NPC Adonan Corwen (M)

Name: Adonan Corwen
Race: Human

Born: 03
Died: N/A
Current Age: 65

STR:Low-Mid | CON:Mid | DEX:Low-mid | INT:Mid | WIS:High-Mid | CHA:Mid

Marital Status: Widower
Job: Archive Master (New Hope Government)
Class. Ranger 4, Cleric 3

NOTES: A very conscientious record keeper and archivist - Contemporary of Calis and Carsten Corwen - very even keeled man, takes his time, doesn’t lose his temper - does a complete job


Personal history, stories and anecdotes

At school with both Carsten and Calis.

Was in charge of cataloguing the Corwen Library ( and for a while Calis was his assistant)

Adonan was the one who recognised Calis’s magic abilities and bought them to the attention of the family leaders.

Done a bit of travelling - mainly travelled as the clerk/baggage_controller on Corwen owned caravans and boats. Went to work in records office when he married and settled down. Promoted to Archive Master

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