NPC Amelia Corwen (F)

Name: Amelia Corwen
Race: Human

Born: 13
Died: n/a
Current Age: 55

STR:Low-mid | CON:Low-Mid | DEX:High-mid | INT:Mid | WIS:Mid | CHA:Mid-High

Marital Status: married to Carsten Corwen (Children ? & ?)
Job: None
Class. Rogue L8

NOTES: A very attractive woman (striking, perhaps rather than pretty). Wife of patrician Carsten Corwen the head of the Corwen Clan

Background: Amelia was always a pretty girl and a determined one. She had seen Carsten in performance when she was 14 and fell in love with him. She spent the next 3 years courting him hard. Since they have been married she has devoted her life to making sure that Carsten (and her children) are happy. She is even rumored to have forgiven Carsten a couple of extra-marital affairs,

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

Amelia wasn’t born into a ‘good’ family her parents were citizen’s of new hope - but never achieved higher status. Her father was a miner, and her mother worked part-time on a market stall.

13 – Born
31 – married Carsten Corwen
68 - Now

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