NPC Axon Hunter (M) (1/2 Elf)

Name: Axon the Hunter
Race: Half Elf

Born: -31
Current Age: 99

STR:mid-high | CON:Mid-high | DEX:High | INT:Mid | WIS:High | CHA:Mid

Marital Status: Single
Job: ex-Alderman and Hunter
Class. Ranger L25

NOTES: The Davie Crockett of EotS. Quiet, taciturn man - prefers to be out in the wilds. Capable statesman. Has a wolf familiar (if we can still do that?)

Background – Axon was one of the earliest settlers in New Hope. He has been here since before the humanoid raids, and fought valiantly during those raids. He was elected as an alderman at the very first election. Stood down after nearly 30 years in office to return to the wilderness he loves. Occasionally comes to town - more likely to be found out on the trail somewhere.

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

“Born on a mountain top miles o’er yore, Caught himself a wolf when he was only four.”

During the Humanoid battle that established the future of New Hope - Axon proved his mettle by standing up close to the front and targeting enemy leaders with his long bow. It is estimated that he killed 12-15 chieftains that day, and was (in part) responsible for the collapse in humanoid leadership at the end of the battle.

At the very first elections in new Hope - Axon was nominated by the more ‘country’ people (farmers/ hunter/trappers etc) to ‘keep and eye of those city folks’ - and while he protested he allowed himself to be talked into the role.

29 years he spent as an alderman - keeping an steady eye on what what was going on, watching most of the time, Questioning in his slow drawling accent when he needed to. However, he never really adjusted to town life, and was soon back living in the hills, as soon as his term of office was over.

He hasn’t been seen that much over the last few years – but always makes a point of coming to have a chat with peter Alberta when he does.

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