NPC - Boriuna Majent (F)

Name: Boriuna Majent
Race: Human

Born: 36
Current Age: 32

STR:Low | CON:mid | DEX:high-mid | INT:High-mid | WIS:Mid | CHA:Mid

Marital Status: Single
Job: Market Master
Class. Rogue L10

NOTES: To all outward appearances - an upstanding member of the community and Market Master. Ex Thief / poacher – turned market stall holder. Currently market master for New Hope. Cautious - won’t reveal her ‘special’ stock until she is sure of her customer. Will direct people towards ‘the Den’ if they survive that and come back - she will seel special gear.

Background: Boriuna grew up in New Hope - she was one of the street children and learned to filch and steal small items to keep herself alive. As she grew, she expanded her repertoire, often out into the fields where she learned to catch and trap small game. Eventually, she finished up as the one on the market buying and selling the goods/equipment. She isn’t adverse to a bit of poaching … As one of the few ‘bright’ stall holders she was made market master

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

“I know these streets and sewers as well as anyone. Grew up in them. No parents to call my own - no one to care for me. I cared for myself!”

She has an acid trap for sale among the other ‘normal’ traps. If someone tries to buy it, she won’t sell, but will claim it got there by mistake. “Oh dear. That shouldn’t be for sale. It spoils a the animals pelts you know. I bought it off a man earlier, so I could destroy it. We don’t want the skins damaged now, do we. He said he got it off of some bloke in the sewers.”

When she is sure of a customer:- “You want to see some of the ‘special stuff that I have? Don’t go shouting it around, like. And you never got it from me, right?” (before she opens up the store that contains the specialist and/or illegal traps - and the sets of thieves tools.

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