NPC Calis Corwen (F) (1/2 Elf)

Calis Corwen
Race – Half Elf

Born: 04
Died: na
Current Age: 64 (equivalent to early 30s in human terms)

STR:Low | CON:Low | DEX:Low-mid | INT:High | WIS:Mid | CHA:Mid-High

Marital Status: Single
Job: Alderman and Deputy Mayor

Class. Mage L20

NOTE: Alderman and Deputy Mayor, partially estranged daughter of Fortuna Longeye - Allegiance: The Corwen Clan - Mother = Fortuna Longeye, Father = Paltin Corwen - Is responsible for ‘Corwen family support’ to needy family members. Is generally regarded as a fair and approachable person by Corwens and non-Corwens alike.


Calis was bought up in the Corwen family system. She was schooled at the Corwen Clan School, went into the Corwen Militia Brigade and is generally Corwen through and through.

Calis finds it hard to accept that her mother isn’t as grateful to the clan as she is. After all, she knows that the clan offered Fortuna support and work - but that Fortuna only took from the family as little as she could. In some respects, as Calis grew up, Fortuna was portrayed as a bit ungrateful, and “its just a shame that the wilful elf woman won’t take her part in the family” etc.

As she has grown older she has come to realise that Fortuna was not quite the ‘wilful young thing’ she was portrayed as – and now has some understanding of why her mother didn’t become a wholehearted Corwen supporter. She thinks her mother made the wrong decision - but she can understand that (and to a degree, respect it)

She does talk to her mother, and they are on ‘Cordial’ terms - but there is no sense of great friendship or of intense mother daughter-love between them.

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

(This has a lot to do with half elves maturing and developing a bit slower than humans)

As a girl Calis was ‘slow’ at school - it took her longer to learn things and she was also later to mature. She looked like a little girl right the way up until she was 17. Then things started to change for the better - she developed a bit of a figure even if it was slim and svelte, and not the generous curves she had been hoping for. And not only that - while she had to stay at school longer than most other students - when she did finally graduate - it was with one of the highest scores ever.

When she joined the Militia brigade, it took all of her effort to progress. Not naturally a physical person she had little going for her except her brains - she looked ‘plain and boyish’ but wasn’t athletic enough to do well in weapons. Instead she only just managed to pass the minimum number of skill test – hitting things with a club - to gain her citizenship status, at the third time of asking. (and rumour had it that the only reason she passed then was because she lost her temper at the tutor goading, and not able to take it out on her senior, she took it out on the dummy!)

Many of her peers remember her (mostly fondly) as ‘that slow girl from school’ or ‘that weedy girl from the militia who barely made it through’. Indeed the family had pretty much given up on her developing into anything special and set her to work helping to cataloguing and reorganise the library in Corwen manor, Calis really blossomed. She found that research suited her, and even more surprisingly she found, while reviewing a set of books on spell craft, that she had an ‘affinity’ for magic.

Soon she was pulling out all sorts of strange books and taking them away with her to read, often into the fields and woodlands surrounding the manor house. Before long her supervisor realised that she was using cantrips learned from the books to help her with her work, and arranged more formal tutoring for her. A couple of years later, she was given charge of the library, and encouraged to continue her studying on a part time basis.

Over the years she quickly developed a repertoire of spells that were useful around the Corwen house and fields - and with that her confidence grew. Suddenly she started to find the time to go practice more with weapons - and actually developed some proficiency in both the staff and the dagger. No one would call her a real expert - BUT she can hold her own in a physical contest now.

Gradually, the Corwen’s started to ‘develop’ her again. They sent her on trips to Garthurian (she didn’t like it - thought all those elves were ‘cold’) and Lothran (too rustic) and finally (a few years later) to Glisten Creek (way too small).

Then they managed to get her appointed to the records office in the New Hope administration (for a while).

In between time she learned deportment and elocution - how to hold and run a conversation, how to play the lap harp (or some other instrument) and how to sing. Basically - all the society skills that she might need. She was often sent out to be the support and contact for members of the family who were ill, or needed support, and that son became her main family role. As a kind and compassionate woman, she occasionally gave support needy people who weren’t family (so long as it didn’t interfere with her family responsibilities) and she eventually became a fairly well know figure about town

When she was put up for election as Alderman (to some people’s surprise) she won the election.

Since then she has combined her roles - she still acts as the families main ‘support’ person (although she now has an assistant) - and while she isn’t exactly known as generous to non family members, she is seen as approachable by almost everyone.

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