NPC Carsten Corwen (M)

Name: Carsten Corwen
Race: Human

Born: 03
Died: n/a
Current Age: 65

STR:Mid | CON:Mid | DEX:Mid-High | INT:Mid-High | WIS:Mid | CHA:High

Marital Status: Married (to Amelia) with Children (? & ?)
Job: Leader of Clan Corwen, Ex-Alderman and Deputy Mayor
Class: Bard L20

NOTES: A very charismatic Ex-alderman/bard who charms the socks off of people - Is dedicated to his wife Amelia and children - very much aware that he needs to strengthen the corwen Clan, but not sure how to

Background: Carsten is a product of the Corwen grooming system. Always a popular child, he went on to become Corwen Militia Master and a really popular performer in town - before his election as Alderman. Retired after 14 years in office to concentrate on his music, and now rules the Corwen Clan.

Personal history, stories and anecdotes:

Carsten was actually at School at the same time as Calis – and remembers her as a pleasant and well liked girl (if a bit slow). Carsten, of course, was the star of his class, not quite the brightest in the class, but certainly the best liked. There were always other kids ready to help him when he needed it. He sailed through school, sailed through his militia training, and was included in everything.

As his musical skills developed, he really was in demand - there were very few girls that managed to resist his charms completely. And very few lads who weren’t prepared to slap him on the back and buy him a pint ….

Eventually married Amelia and the settled down to become Corwen Militia Master, and won the election for alderman twelve years later.

He was a fairly ‘uneventful’ alderman - did his job OK (but not spectacularly well) – pressed lots of flesh, and was always popular for his impromptu performances

03 – Born
31 – married Amelia
36 – made master of militia
48 – made Alderman
62 – Retired as alderman
68 - Now

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