NPC Convo Starters

To make the world seem realistic - we need convos that allow the PC to Chat to an NPCs about their lives, family history etc - the small talk of life. Those conversations need a 'small talk' opener - and here are a few possibilities.

Initially we have two types - in the first the PC initiates the conversation, either just chatting or trying to 'find stuff out' - in the second type - its the NPC who wants to chat … Which ever way, it can lead to a conversation branch where the NPC talks about themselves, perhaps using one of the NPC Histories

One way make it work, would be to have an initial - ‘Hi, my names John, what’s yours?” intro that people can use. We might choose to use that introduction to have the NPC remember the PC name so that next time the characters meet, the NPC can say “Hello John.” Rather than “Hello There”

Although it would be good to have other natural openers. Some of the NPC openers might lead to mini 'adventures'

For PC initiated 'chats':-
“I’m new in town, is there somewhere that I can get a bed for the night?”

“Don’t think much of this bard. What about you?”

“Woah! That ale’s a bit sharper than I am used to”

For NPC initiated 'chats':-

“I don’t think I have seen you in here before. You new in town?”

“Why hello big boy, you wanna see a good time?” (from a male or a female - the PC gets taken somewhere quiet, knocked out and robbed :P) If PC declines initially, the tart will chat for a bit and ask again .. - If still no – s/he will move on to another mark. (Only offered to characters of less than level 5)

“Please sir – can you spare a gold to buy me dinner?” (Scrawny kid) - PC gets to have convo first then decide whether to hand over a GP. (Small Good alignment shift for a GP) (Could tie in with an orphanage option. Take the kid to the orphanage – make a lump sum payment to have the kid taken in. Bigger Good Al change)

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