NPC Delingus Bucktooth (M)

Name: Delingus Bucktooth
Race: Human

Current Age: 31

STR: mid | CON: mid | DEX: mid | INT:High- mid | WIS:Low-Mid | CHA:Mid-High

Marital Status: Single
Job: Black-market trader
Class. Rogue 6, sorcerer 7

NOTES: - Good looking – oily tongued snake oil salesman. Feel the nee to ‘Look after’ his brother Pishak. No respect for any law/rules – except his own. Any implied slur against his mother WILL start a fight his brother is a Half-orc - but so what? *grin* Links with Jemester from the Pawn Shop and Boriuna The Market Master

Background Delingus is an ‘off worlder’ who arrived in new hope 7-8 years ago. Didn’t like the set up - won’t swear the citizens oath and has become and ‘invisible person’ (doesn’t appear on any lists/records/archives etc Lives in the sewers selling all sorts of interesting stuff to anyone who comes along. His brother is a half-orc

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

“Damned Storm. We’d had to beat it from Baltors Hollow, because Pishnak had caved some guy’s head in. He deserved it though he shouldn’t have said that about our mum. Oh alright, I helped, I had the guy bound down with a spell while Pishnak belted him - but he went a bit too far and the bloke died. That crappy little boat got caught up in the storm and we finished up I this dump!”

“Mum? What about it? She didn’t have any choice, she whored to get the money to bring us up after that bastard left her. She had to take who ever paid, else we were out on the street. I WON’T hear a word against her. Understand?? She looked after us and taught us to look after each other. That’s what mothers do. And now that’s enough about her.”

“Pishnak? He is my brother. He’s family and we stick together. “ (Delingus knows Pishnak isn’t the smartest cookie and takes his responsibility to ‘look after’ his brother seriously - However he also recognises that Pishnak is the muscle of the partnership)

"Bucktooth? It was my mothers name. What about it?"

Didn’t like the rules when they came here - and didn’t like a few scrapes he got into after Pishnak got insulted/slighted etc …. Decided to make a place for himself down I the sewers. This is his domain - people that visit abide by his rules. Doesn’t care about what he can and can’t do - happy to sell Potshine and drugs - more than happy to be the middle man in and ‘shady’ dealings.

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