NPC Dexel Corwen (M)

Name: Dexel Corwen
Race: Human

Born: 12
Died: na
Current Age: 56

STR: Mid | CON: Mid | DEX: Mid | INT: Mid | WIS: Mid | CHA: -Mid

Marital Status: Married
Job: Master of the Watch (3rd Company)
Class. Ftr L6 Rogue L2

NOTES: has been in the watch all his life, earned his promotions the hard way and is now the ‘senior’ watch master. Fairly slow and methodical – but tenacious.

Background: A contemporary of [[[npc-querub-corwen|Querub Corwen) they for part of the ‘lost generation’ of Corwens – No one was really bright or really outstanding - and each has had to work hard for their advancements.

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

Nothing too exceptional as a child – then went on to become an very solid member of the watch

Over time he proved himself capable and was promoted to Watch Master. While he is the ‘Senior’ watch master – and is liable to be given any ceremonial duties - however, if there is a need for real action he will be glossed over.

However, he does run his company diligently and well. Just don’t expect him to ‘think outside the box’ too much.

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