NPC Fortuna Longeye (F) (Elf)

Fortuna Longeye

Character Details

Class: mage (level:mid-high) / Ranger (Level Low) / Arcane Archer (Level Low)
Int = High - Dex = Med/High - Cha = Med/high

Status - Master (Master Bowyer & Master Spell Binder)

Life story 2

Fortuna had been a bit of an outsider for most of her life, she had never felt really comfortable in Garthurian, she never really had any close friends, and was curious about the outside world. So when trade was established between Garthurian and New Hope, and the roads were considered safer, when she was barely out of her youth, Fortuna decided to go visit.
(this was about 65 years ago)

Through out history – some young elves have felt the need to travel and explore – that’s where many of the half-elves come from and accounts for all of those adventures. For centuries the Elves or Garthurian hadn’t been able to do that easily - Fortuna was one of the new generation who could ….

She arranged to travel to New Hope with one of the trade caravans, providing minor magical protections and charms in return for food and transport on the trip. On the way she discovered many new things. Things like - travel by trade caravan was slow and boring, and everyone ran out of stories to tell really quickly. …camp fires on the road quickly developed into long slow games of cards and dice - occasionally someone would get a musical instrument out and play something - Often people would sit around and whittle or practice some other craft.

As an elf and a mage (and a woman) she was given special treatment - and spent more time with the caravan’s leaders than the staff. One night she agreed to join Paltin Corwen for a couple of glasses of wine before bed - and woke up in his tent at breakfast time the next morning. His company helped the journey go more quickly, but when they arrived in New Hope they went their separate ways. It was a few weeks before she realized that she was pregnant, and she called on Paltin to explain the position. Smoothly the Corwen family machine swung into business. It was quickly established that Fortuna and Paltin were not suited to marriage although Fortuna was supported by the Corwens through her pregnancy. However, after the baby (Calis Corwen ) was born Fortuna felt that she was sidelined, Even though the Corwens sponsored her through her citizenship tests.

[Calis eventually went to live with her father’s family, took the family name and was given full run of the Corwen family schools and systems. (She is currently the Corwen sponsored Alderman of New Hope).]

Almost bemused by the slick way that the Corwen family machine worked - Fortuna hardly realized that her child was being taken away from her until it was too late. She still saw Calis of course - but Calis really did become a fully fledged member of the Corwen family.

As Calis grew Fortuna started to travel, and explore the area. She discovered the portals fairly early and quickly learned to travel between Garthurian and New Hope using the portals.

She was one of the first to travel to Lothran on the boats and then discovered Dwarven Gabilgathol - But she didn’t feel comfortable in either place. However, she recognized the portal and used that to travel back to New Hope.

Later she traveled to Glisten Creek and onto Syn Gond. She liked Glisten Creek more than any of the other places she visited, and briefly considered staying there for a while, but fairly quickly she cam back to New Hope.

During her travels, Fortuna finally realised that she knew moew about the land than she had realised. Her time spent around the woodlands of garturian gave her a core of knowledge that allowed her to develop low level ranger skills quite quickly. Her naturally high dexterity meant that she became proficient with a bow, and cstill chose to defend herself from distance (if possible) rather than get involved in melee combat.

Almost as soon as she returned to New Hope Fortuna took up a position with Peter Umberta, helping to run his arcane shop. This gave her time to further research the portals.

In New Hope she started a casual affair with her employer, Peter Umberta, and eventually gave birth to his daughter (Elriewien Longeye) who this time she insisted on raising herself.

[Her relationship with Peter Umberta has always been good. Although she took responsibility for the child, he provides financial and other support as required. They still have a positive relationship now. They live separately - but socialize together regularly, often staying overnight at each others houses. Whenever Peter Umberta needs an escort - he always has Fortuna on his arm, and Vice Versa. Think of them as non-live together boyfriend and girlfriend - each with their own careers and interests]

Before long, she also took control of the arcane shop when Peter’s research started to take up more time.

During this time Fortuna occupied herself with her work, she deloped a high level of skill in creating magical items and potions, and amused herself learning how to make her own Bows and Arrows - fast becoming a Craft Master in both disciplines (Master Spellbinder and Master Bowyer) Later she realised that she could combine the two, and started experimenting with her arrows. Over time she started to develop as an Arcane Archer as well.

The next few years are a proud time for Fortuna - her daughter Calis gets elected as alderman, and her other daughter Elriewien takes over running the store. Fortuna decided its time to teach at the university, and to continue her research into those damned portals.

[NOW: She knows that there are quests related to each of the gates. She even has some idea of what they are - BUT, she is intelligent – and realizes that there has to be a catch. She wants to understand the catch before she gets too involved in the gate quests. She suspects that somewhere along the line there will be a price to pay ….]

Fortuna is an active member of the Reading Room

3 Fortuna Arrives in new Hope (aged 108 years)
4 Calis Born
23 Ancients start to drag people into EOTS through Kargadan
25 Calis Considered mature
27 Lothran Established
30 Lothran explorers discover New Hope
31 Fortuna visits Lothran
38 Glisten Creek established
40 Peter Umberta takes office.
41 Fortuna visits Glisten Creek
42 Fortuna takes up employment with Peter Umberta
44 Elriewien Longeye born
57 Fortuna Takes over running the Arcane store
59 Peter Umberta leaves Office
61 Calis becomes Alderman
64 Elriewien takes over running the Arcane store
65 Fortuna takes part time lecturing post at the University
68 Present

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