NPC George Corwen (M)

Name: George Corwen
Race: Human

Born: 41
Died: na
Current Age: 27

STR:Mid | CON:Mid | DEX:Mid | INT:Low-mid | WIS:low-mid | CHA:Mid
Marital Status: Married
Job: Something basic? Miner? Farmer? Fisherman?
Class. Ftr 3?

NOTES: Nothing really special about this guy – he was tells the story of ‘mad’ Mitch Corwen and the Dragon and mitch is his ‘hero’


*Personal history, stories and anecdotes

Yeah! I was only a kid. I snuck up the hills after Mitch, along with some of the others. When we got to where we could see, he was standing outside the dragon’s lair shouting for it to come out and ‘Fight like a man’. After an age, it did creep out. Its was all black, and had a head like a big dog - but with a frill round - a long slimey neck and a huge body. Then it spoke! I never seen an animal speak before, but it couldn’t have been very bright. It just said “What??” – then Mitch gave it a talking to. Told it not to eat any more of his cows. And all the dragon could do was yawn and say ‘What?’ again. Then Mitch charged it and nearly beat it right there. His sword made a big cut but the dragon jumped back and spat some foul liquid at Mitch, but Mitch dodged it …… It went on for ages, until Mitch finally killed the thing and cut its head off. It took all of us to lug that thing down the mountain, and then we needed a cart to get it back to the city.

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