NPC Glone Hammerhand (M) (Dwarf)

Character Details

Middle aged

Class: Fighter (level:mid) / Rogue (level:mid)

Status: Patrician (Current Alderman)

Life History

Glone Hammerhand - Alderman of New Hope

Me? I was born into the Hammerhand clan, but that was way back before the storms. We Hammerhands are renowned for our stone work, we understand stone in a way that even most dwarves don’t. We don’t dig for the ores and the metals - no, they are a side product of producing stone. Some of the very best quality building stone comes out of our mines and quarries, and no one knows how to cut and shape a stone quite like a Hammerhand.

Indeed it was because of that I finished up here. For years my family have held the honour of leading external masonry jobs. Not because we are the best stonemasons, but because we have been trained to handle the business side of the deal. My kin always train as warriors, so that we have the steel backbone and honour required to deal on behalf of the clan - but we also study the techniques of the rogue - so that we understand what tricks the ‘businessmen’ of other nations will play on us.

So I was in charge of the trip out to Lower Karamaland- I had two good masons with me, who were to fit together the pieces for Flanagan’s Arch, and a secretary. All the pieces were pre cut, to a master plan, we just needed to assemble the stones, make sure they were properly locked in place and then chare out the scoring where it crossed between stones. When we had finished, it would have looked like all one piece. Then the damned ship went down. Bloody novice sea captain they sent, didn’t know his maps and stars properly, I wager. He took the stones, the masons and the secretary to the bottom of the sea.

Anyways - I finished up here - must be 40-45 years ago. Been working in the mines - know my way around them as well as anyone. I might not be the best mason in the Hammerhands, but I am still a Hammerhand. I know the stones, and I know where the lodes will be. Now I have a few lads working for me - I tells ‘em where to dig, and we all share the profit. Even after my cut, they reckons they still earn more than when they go out on their own. Then the boys decided that I should run for Militia Master, they rounded up a bit of support from the other miners and suddenly i was master of the Minegate Militia Brigade. And things went on from ther, acouple of years later, I was contacted by the members of the Reading rooms, who suggested I might want to become a candidate for Alderman in the next elections. I went along and chatted to them a few times, and they are a nice bunch. Like they promised they arranged a few extra votes for me and I mcampaigned on my behalf, and suddenly I was elected as an Alderman.

I had to give up the Militia Master job of course, although I still work with the lads down the mines on a regular basis. Oh, and I am still a member of the Reading Room, I just don't get in there all that frequently.

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